samedi 23 mai 2009

news from La Butte Montmartre

Saturday afternoon,
thought it's the right moment to pass by and say hello.
No breaking news of any kind, much household and some sewing on the hexagons, and i cleaned the powder room from ceiling to floor!

A few pics from the neighbourhood,
the dramatic decor you see here is a shoe shop, and a former theatre.
The huge painting is a caterpillar on the scene, throwing out shoes.
The quality of the picture is rather poor, because they forbid me to take a pic..........

A film crew was busy this week in this lovely courtyard, close to my home.
I'll try to go back there soon, the steps are nice and very authentic.

The next three pics are decors from the film they are making, it's about the second world war.

Another filmcrew the same day, only a few steps away from the other one.

Saturday morning in the area:
a fanfare band from the Béarn, close to the Spanish border.

I went to a yardsale last week and bought this Japanese tablerunner.
The money went to Amnesty International, so i didn't haggle and spend a little more on it than intended.

But only 20cts for this darling little pochette, hand embroidered, how could i resist????

This log cabin is from, let's say 1994.
Somebody gave me a bunch of velveteen samples, all i did was separate de lights and the darks!
I like the way the light shines on this fabric, very different from normal cottons.
The quilt has been published in a book called Patchwork Basics, edited by That Patchwork Place and is now in a private collection.
I was invited for lunch at the owner, so i had the opportunity to make some close ups.
No plans for sunday, another yardsale maybe, but the weather forecast is nasty.
Next week Dh and i are going to Normandy to see little Elisa, and i will show you where she lives, a beautiful harbor in the St.Michel's bay.
Happy quilting ladies and a good, quiet weekend,
Will V in Paris

7 commentaires:

Karen a dit…

Your log cabin quilt is wonderful! I love log cabin designs and yours is very striking.

Clare a dit…

Lots of V.G's and brocantes at the moment. Difficult to know which one to spend the morning at.

There is always a bed for you if you are ever in this part of La Belle France.

Janet a dit…

It's busy in your neighbourhood! I love your log cabin, it seems to glow.

AdyQuilts a dit…

Your neighbourhood is such FUN! The quilt is beautiful - it has an Amish "feel" which I love.
Ady in Israel

Karen a dit…

Beautiful log cabin!

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

beautiful quilt Will. From the picture I'd have guessed some kind of twill or wool, not velveteen. but it feels soft.

YankeeQuilter a dit…

What a wonderful log cabin quilt! Isn't it fun to watch the film crews...I love seeing the films after and admiring how they are able to transform a place to another time.

Enjoy you holiday!