lundi 27 avril 2009


If you go to AN MOONEN 's website, you will learn more about Dutch quilts.
You might be interrested in an English version of her latest book A GEM!
She needs 500 pre-subscriptions .
Until now, she has 198 pre-orders.
Don't miss this wonderful opportunity if you are an antique quilt lover.
So sorry i can't direct you to her website, i'm such a nil with computers.........
Love, Will V.

5 commentaires:

sunshine a dit…

Hi, if this is the right website:, you copy the link into the text of your post, people will be able to find it easier.


Janet a dit…

email me if you'd like some instruction on how to do a link. I have to say I love your last post, it would have been wonderful to have been there and I just loved the first two quilts as well.

Kathie a dit…

thanks for the info I would love to have that book in english

una quilter a dit…

Hello Will! I have enjoyed your blog for some time now. Thank you for posting a note about the book. I have written Ms. Moonen an e-mail to show my interest. I hope she will be able to publish the book in English. Thank you also for the report from Nantes. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next year... Take care, Una in Norway

Anonyme a dit…

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