lundi 27 avril 2009

I came back from Nantes lightharted and with lots of inspirations of all kind, but i will start by showing you some pics of antique quilts and people i've met there:

I fell in love with these:
tiny nine patches, four patches and a framing.
Maybe i prefere the second one:
medallion quilt, rustic, but the chrome yellow surely gives the overall bold impression.

Here is an overview from the ultra modern Congress Center in Nantes,
perfectly situated in the center, and only a few minutes walk from the railway station.
It takes only 2 hours with the fast train to get there!

Carol Veillon from QUILTMANIA.
These girls did a wonderful job, and always in a good mood.

With Mary Koval in her stand, the quilts she and her husband Joe brought to Nantes where from a very good quality,
and i hope they will come back next year.

i will tell you more about her in the next days.

Yummy stuff from a local chocolaterie:
MACARONS, to die for, but better for us, the shop was closed when we passed by...................

I could not resist to this fabric, turkey reds and shirtings.
I've nearly runned out of this kind of fabric, so i decided not to feel guilty about buying some

And this book seemed very useful............
Yes , i hear you thinking!

My good friend Joes M is featured in the latest issue of Quiltmania.
The beautiful tree of life quilt is marvelous and belongs to her mother.

A quilt i made for the magazine last year and let me tell you that Guy did a very good job the way he pictured this one, it was a great pleasure to make it.
I'll be back tomorrow with more about this lovely quilthappening.
Hope you all had a good weekend,
Will V in Paris.

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Banaghaisge a dit…

Dear Will,
Here is An Moonen's adress:
It is REALLY easy to add a link. Highlight her name on your blog and then cut and paste the address. When you are in edit or when you are writing it above there is a little icon that has chain links in it. Click on that and then paste her address into the little window.
And then yu can add links to EVERYTHING (like I do :-)!!!)

Clare a dit…

I read on someone else's blog that the prices have shot up. Would you agree?

Sadly I can't see QuiltMania bringing the expo down to this part of the world for some time. Is that the May issue?

Hester a dit…

Sorry, maar mijn engels is waarschijnlijk niet te lezen.
Ik wacht vol smart op het 2e deel van je expo verslag. Dankje dat we kunnen mee genieten. Voor mij was de afstand net te ver. Ik hoop 30 april naar Veldhoven te gaan, en daar Mary Koval nog eens te ontmoeten. Geweldig mens en heerlijk zo als ze over quilts praat. Ik ren elke dag naar de brievenbus voor de quilt mania, maar helaas nog steeds niet. Ben erg benieuwd naar het artikel van Joes, ik heb haar ontmoet in de Dear Jane periode, ze zat toen ook in de groep die onderleiding van Mariet Soethout bijelkaar kwam. Groeten van uit een regenachtig, koud Nederland.

Kathie a dit…

OH can't wait to see this issue of Quiltmaina
Love that tree of life quilt.
Don't you love the quilts that mary koval has?
She is such a nice person too, really knows her stuff!
Love the medallion quilt, just beautiful
thanks for all the pictures....
must have been a wonderful show, looking forward to reading more about it.

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

ooh, those are two wonderful quilts. wow, what a great show, so glad you got to go. beautiful fabric you picked up as well.

Annelies a dit…

It was such a pity that Nantes for me is a 1000km drive.
Thank you for your photo's.

Sami a dit…

Is there a full picture of that pickle dish quilt anywhere? It's so beautiful!!!