dimanche 1 février 2009

These are the books i was waiting for from Amazon, and i'm very happy with them! Home sewn is SO inspiring! Civil war diary was for a long time on my wishlist, the size of the blocks is a lot easier to make than Dear Jane. Collaborative quilting just breathtaking, i once met Freddy Moran in the quiltshop where i worked then,she's a whirlwind! Warm fuzzies is cute, and i have a pile of felted pull overs, that's why.

This is the pile of magazines Tonya left in Paris before moving. Ton, i'm still digging in those before going to sleep, enjoying them so much!

Just a bowl, broken and glued.
Bought in Zutphen, Holland in a huge junksale.
I love to thrift with my sister,she drives the car, i have NO driver's licence, and we have pretty much the same taste.

Does anyone knows more about this kind of work? Seems to be from the thirties or fourties. It's not that i like it that much, but it's intriguing........

Not so zen was sewing last friday night at 1 o clock in the night. While treading the machine,i left my foot on the pedal, and guess what happened?
The needle went straight through my finger! It didn't even hurt too much, but when i turned it out, i saw that the needle's point was broken and probably still inside. I feel stupid, never had an accident allthough i use sewing machines since my childhood. Will know more about it tommorrow. Take care you all, beware of sewing machines!

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martine a dit…

Heerlijk en verleidelijk , Amazone. Een druk op de knop en je boeken komen er aan.
Maak ik veel te vaak gebruik van.
En wat een eng verhaal, zat het stukje naald in je vinger? Ben benieuwd hoe dat afgelopen is.

McIrish Annie a dit…

yikes! hope your finger is ok. it can't be good to have part of the needle in there.

I love the bowl you found!


great bowl! I want one! Just what i need something else to collect!
(any name under that piece?)

not so zen -quilts in Paris a dit…

Hi BB ,the brand under the bowl is: FANCY Petrus Regout,Maastricht.Love that stuff, also hunting for SPODE Will in Paris

Maggie a dit…

there are some really cute projects in Betz's book. I've made the hat & messenger bag so far for my daughter here in very white Canada!
she also has a new book coming out any day now.