mercredi 11 février 2009

One more dollquilt, made with the English paper piece method, so accurate and easy to take with you while travelling. The little border is a french fabric with a good scale for this size of quilts.
A couple of weeks ago i passed by the MARAIS quarter, one of my favorite spots in Paris, make sure you'll have a jump there when you spend some days here! I always go to LA BONNE RENOMMEE, they carry garments ,bags, hats, plaids, all inspired by ethnic elements, embroidery and patchworks, rather expensive, but simply gorgeous.

Imet my good friends from Istanbul lately, Selma Kenter and Fulia, both very inspired quilters,and Selma is one of the founders of the Quilt scene in Turkye. She organises every 2 years a quilt convention, in Istanbul or in Adana.

For those who follow my finger adventure: the bit of the needle in my finger did not move AT ALL, so surgery is decided for the 26 of feb.Handsewing is excluded for the moment, will have to be patient.
I may not post in the next few days; will work on a craft fair "L AIGUILLE EN FETE"and next week our little Elisa will come to see us for a week.
Take care you all, fondly, Will in Paris

8 commentaires:

karenfae a dit…

hope the doctor will be able to get the needle tip out of your finger ok and won't have damage to your finger.

Karen a dit…

Wonderful hexagon quilt! Wish you well, with your finger.

April H a dit…

I just found your blog from Quiltville's quips and snips. Your work is beautiful! I really like the red you used. It looks so authentic it would be hard to tell it from an antique. I hope your surgery goes well. I can see myself doing the same thing with my machine.

Ariane a dit…

I love your little doll quilt. It is beautiful.

Colette a dit…

bon courage pour ton opération. Fais attention, en bossant sur le salon !
ton quilt "hexagones" est trés sympa.

Yuki a dit…

Your Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is wonderful. I just love those little hexagons. How did you manage to do all that tiny needlework with a boo boo on your finger. Hope it does not cause you too much trouble. Ouch.

ttfn :) Yuki in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

oh no, so sorry you need surgery on the finger. I will think wonderful thoughts for you to get through it safe and sound. We need you quilting again!

Millie a dit…

Wonderful quilts. I just love the picture with the quilt model in bed covered with all the quilts.