mardi 17 février 2009

A little dollquilt top, made last week when i couldn't handsew, with the ultimate left overs from the home made yellyroll, and some other tiny bits, it helped to pass the time with the sore finger.

As you know, little Elisa came to see us and we spoiled her with new baskets, the girly kind with a touch of gold and strass.
Here is her head, she's drowning in quilts, and a talented model. I suppose she will manipulate us several times again as little girls can do with grandparents............

This is my good friend Sylvie Girouard showing her latest top.She could not come with us for the Creuse Convention, so she made a Bonnie Hunter top her own way. Look at the lovely color composition and THE CORNERS! Her work is coordonating seminars for highschool art teachers, a specalist in remodeling old garments and other textile items, i love to spend time with her.

Happy quilting Ladies, until next week with more news, Will V in Paris

9 commentaires:

karenfae a dit…

I love the scrappy quilt with the scrappy border as well - beautiful!

Ariane a dit…

I love all the quilts in this post. I really love the picture of your grand-daughter amoungt all the quilts. It's so cute. She really looks cosy and happy.

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

fun doll quilt - I'm glad you could still work despite the finger. What a gorgeous pic of Elisa with the quilts - beautiful. Your friend is so talented - I LOVE her quilt.

Colette a dit…

Toujours aussi jolis tes quilts de poupées.
Je ne pensais pas te lire cette semaine, avec ta petite fille...dis donc, elle te ressemble drôlement !

anne-marie L a dit…

I hope your finger is ok because it would be a shame to cut it! anne-marie

crissine a dit…

enfin, tu l'as fait! quel bonheur de voir tes quilts et ta petite fille (qui te ressemble pas mal)!
je t'ai mis dans mes favoris et j'irais me regaler bien souvent à ton contact! tu travailles comme une folle, quel bonheur pour tout le monde!

Willeke a dit…

Zo dit was een mooie manier om via het prikbord je webje te ontdekken.
Wat een leuke vrolijke quilt heb je gemaakt. prachtig!
Veel plezier met quilten en e weblogje!
groetjes uit Sneek, Willeke

Anonyme a dit…

I have realy enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your quilts, how wonderful.


Australia,but currently in Germany to visit family

Esteemarlu a dit…

I just love the scrap qult your friend made. So much patience but a great way to use your scraps. Your grandaughter is just beautiful under all those comfy looking quilts. I can't wait to have a grand daughther myself. I really like the doll quilt really like the border fabric on it.