jeudi 27 septembre 2012

The other sunny side of festival

is the meetings with other quilters and unexpected moments ,
Here's Colette, a very gifted quiltartist i meet regularly for more than 30 years now,
she's holding up an antique quilts from Judy, the owner of LABORS OF LOVE.
Judy comes with her husband to the Elsass every year, showing her quilts in an old house in the main street of Ste Marie.

And then we stumbled in to these girls: look at the one in red: you know her don't you?
It's SUPERGOOF, and we chatted for a moment, great fun....


Teresa Gai from Pinerolo in Italy and Dominique Husson from the Charente region.
Teresa won several prizes with her quilts.
Dominique organizes every two years a now famous exhibition of traditional quilts in BROUAGE, and you won't regret to attend this event.

On saturday we went to the beautiful town of Colmar,
and in the afternoon 
 to BLIENSCHWILLER, and visited the Sohler family, they sell their own wines.
We tasted them all, and went out slightly tipsy,
after visiting the cellar, with the huge barrels and the central pillar, sevaral hundred years old.
We went back to  our base, not empty handed of course.......
to prepare for the final party organised by Petra Prins ,and enjoyed a gorgeous meal, A ROASTED WILD BOAR and other delicous things.

A view from our secret hideaway

Isabelle from Quiltmania and Joes.

Carol Veillon, Petra Prins and Isabelle

An Moonen, the author of 3 books about antique Dutch quilts

Elsbeth and Nel from den Haan en Wagenmakers, and DI FORD from Australia between them.

Mary Koval, Joes and Carol

Nel and Judy

Some more quilts will be shown in the next post, even modern ones, some werevery nice.
Fall is here, definitely, but it's my favorite season.
Happy quilting ladies
Will V in Paris

11 commentaires:

Annelies a dit…

Gezellige foto's. Ik zit hier te genieten !

Randy D. a dit…

Looks like you all had a lovely time!

Amish Stories a dit…

Fall greetings to everyone and hello from an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Richard from Amish Stories.

KijkDaarIs a dit…

Wat gezellig allemaal!!!
zo'n keldertje lijkt mij ook wel wat..;0)
Ik zag ook je quilt bij Barbara Breckman op de site....WONDERSCHOON !!
Hele fijne dag
Groetjes Gerda

Tilly a dit…

Mooie quilts, en complimenten voor je quilt waar Barbara Brackman op haar blog een heel verhaal aan heeft gewijd.

Willy a dit…

Hej Will, wat een heerlijke dagen heb je gehad. Ik zit hier met veel plezier je verslag te bekijken. Wat heb je verschrikkelijk veel moois gezien en het gezellig gehad.
Lieve groet,

Miriam a dit…

Great photographs and a wonderful get together with fellow quilters. Looks like everyone had a lovely time.

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I do hope to get back to Paris one day and see more of those beautiful shops!

Ludok a dit…

Thank you for a very interesting post, I wish you every success in your work.

MulticoloredPieces a dit…

I must say, you've shown some AMAZING old textile work over the last few posts. I had to zoom in on every one to see the detail. Very enjoyable. Thanks so much!
best, nadia

marion a dit…

prachtige foto's op je blog. Leuk dat je bij mij kwam kijken en reageren. Zo ontdek ik jou weer, vooor mij een nieuwe blog. Mag ik je linken op die van mij. Dan kan ik je makkelijker volgen.
Groetjes Marion

herman en dorie a dit…

geen idee dat je mijn blog volgde, leuk! Als ik meer tijd heb zal ik je blog doorlezen. Zo te zien geniet je naast het quilten ook van het goede leven!!