samedi 22 septembre 2012


The white panel on the printed coverlet is a PETASSOUN, held under a baby sitting on his mother's legs, to prevend accidents...... It's a boutis, so 2 layers, stuffed and corded.
The printed coverlets are quilted.
The third picture is a chintz palampore, in good condition with some yellowish staining, very nice.

All the shown covers have vivid colors and light seem not to have altered the original condition

A lovely white boutis, but pictured under bad condtions.

A provençal costume with a quilted skirt

And a french provençal quilt, simple hourglasses.

2 commentaires:

Randy D. a dit…

Those quilts and fabrics are fabulous!! Thanks for sharing them!! Was that at the quilt show in Ste Marie? I am definitely planning a trip next September!

Elsbeth a dit…

Such beautiful pictures, thank you very much Will!! Groeten elsbeth