samedi 10 novembre 2012

Changes have been made here:

The idea of spending one more winter in a dirty , yellowed an gloomy main room was simply unbearable to me , so i made the decision to repaint and do it all by myself, and i tell you , it was a trip to hell.
NOTHING could be stored elsewhere, as the whole appartment is not bigger than 535 sq.feet.
The whole operation took 12 days, and girls, i'm so proud......
The ceiling had not been painted for 32 years , and is now perfectly white, the walls, white with  a zest of grey, and i indulged myself with painting  with THE LITTLE GREEN, expensive , but so easy to work with...
My fathers desk, so a family heirloom, is now where the bookshelves stood before , and i covered that wall with a toile de Jouy.
The whole thing did of course not  resolve the eternal fight against clutter, but anytime i enter here, i feel the immense satifaction of having accomplished something nice.
The rest of the appartment is screaming for attention too, and i will go on with it, but that will be far more easy than what's behind.

And what's going on for quilting? THIS:
I'm making a frugal quilt from Bonnie Hunter's first book.
Under the that page you see the primitive sawtooth star i've made for QUILTMANIA 8 years ago, the same block.
I  Prefer  Bonnie's sophiticated setting and need to make only five more blocks

Why frugal?
The blocks are made with fabric from working man's shirts, gathered here and there in fleamarkets and junk sales.
The fabrics are soft but much heavier than regular cottons, look like homespun, and the colors are muted.
I spend 5 euros on the dark brown back ground fabric, and have enough for the backing.
Leftovers for a cribquilt.

Some of the NI blocks i made this summer in Normandy.

Have all a good weekend,
Will in Paris, chilly and rainy here today.

11 commentaires:

Randy D. a dit…

Will, now I am really looking forward to visiting you at your apartment next month!!! The place looks fabulous!

Cheryl Kotecki a dit…

Beautiful - the wall of books and the photo with your father's desk both radiate the warmth you were looking for!

Annelies a dit…

Will it is also chilly and rainy in The Netherlands. What a great improvement.

Every Stitch a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful blocks! And the apartment looks great - I know how nice it can feel with a new coat of paint! Every Stitch

betty prins a dit…

Good girl...., painting the walls, what a work you've done!
Prachtige blokjes en een spannend project met de geruite overhemd stoffen!

Miriam a dit…

Looove your wall of toile de Jouy!
Well done with all the painting.
The last NI block is my favourite. Gorgeous!

Frog Quilter a dit…

Love the tour of you home. OMG when I think I don't have enough space ill come visit you.

marion a dit…

het huis prachtig, je hebt zeker eer van je werk

claire witherspoon a dit…

I love the color variety in your NI blocks! I think you are very brave to take on the painting project! But it looks fantastic and I bet it feels even better! It may be raining outside but it's warm and cheerful inside, happy winter sewing! cheers, Claire W.

GARIGO a dit…

Beau travail! sur les murs comme avec les aiguilles! j'aime beaucoup les étoiles en tissu-chemise ;o)

Nifty Quilts a dit…

Your apartment AND your blocks are really beautiful!