vendredi 21 septembre 2012

The Michel Perrier collection

This was for me one of the absolute highlights:
Michel Perrier is a french textile collector who hunts the country side for local items.
Hard to call these quilts, the support is wool and the embroidery is wool too.
The various sizes make them more usable as wallhangings or even table runners, but all of them have a naive and rustic charm.
Some of them have been found in central France.
That's for today ladies , more to come.....

5 commentaires:

Kathie a dit…

Just beautiful, thank you for sharing these with us.
loved looking at them all

diegoagogo a dit…

These are fantastic!! May not be officially quilts but gorgeous none the less.
Thank you for the tour.

claire witherspoon a dit…

What an amazing collection. From a distance some look almost like mosaics?! I'm going to go look at my wool collection now! Thanks for the insiration! cheers, Claire W.

Phyllis a dit…

Wat bijzonder, nooit eerder gezien.

GARIGO a dit…

Magnifiques, tous ces lainages brodés!