mardi 3 novembre 2009

Should i laugh or should i cry?

Guess who came to see me?
I spend a wonderful afternoon with Bonnie Hunter and her friend Randy, and my new quilting friend Valérie.
We had a lovely meal in a restaurant in the area,delicious food for a very reasonable price.
So if you come to Montmartre, ask me for the adress, it's hard to find this kind of resto's in a touristic quarter, with such a lot of tourist traps!

Afterwards we went to my home for a show and tell, and Valerie and i went shopping with them around the Marché St. Pierre, and they went home with loads and loads of Toile de Jouy.
Hope you had both a pleasant flight home and Randy, your sweater is on the way!

Slow progress on the hexies, only one row, but i magaged to make a few hundred red ones, the most boring job of this quilt.
You may remember that i told about the loss of the center of this quilt and that it took me a long time to decide to start it over.
And then, one day, under a bunch of scraps in the iron basket, what did i see???????????????

The first one!
And when i compare, i prefere the first far more!
Repositioning the first will be a heck of a job, but i think it's worth doing it.

No doubt, with this kind of organisation it's logic that i can search for this or for that during hours.............

While looking at the quilts and tops with the girls, i digged out this lone star from around 1995.
I love lone stars, but they are hard to display in very small rooms,so it stays always stacked in a pile.

A top made in very little time, with a part of the samples send by Vintage and Vogue years ago.
The prussian blue matches lovely and the overall look likes more English than American.
The border design is an English fabric from 1824, sort of chinoiserie.
Thank you for following my blog and your kind comments.
Even if i do not always answer them i really appreciate your interest.
Will V in Paris, rainy and much colder today.

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Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

oh wow, I wish I could have been there too. What a fabulous day. All those hexagons? aiyeeeee.

Kathie a dit…

Glad Bonnie was able to come visit you!
I love the hexagons and the fabric in the last photo is just beautiful!
the lone star is amazing
ok what would I do, yes I would replace it with the one l like the best, more work but in the long run I will be happier
and I bet you will be too. The other one,maybe the center of a medallion quilt?
or a little quilt? or you could always give it away :)

Thanks for sharing the pictures, always enjoy seeing your work

Bonnie K Hunter a dit…

It was a fabulous treat to spend the afternoon with you! Thanks for spending the time with me so freely! I hope you are laughing because you had a good time too, and not crying because now you have to put all those quilts away again!!


MJinMichigan a dit…

I would definitely replace the center with the one you prefer, It will be worth it in the long run. Better to spend time ripping now than to be sirry every time you look at the quilt in the future. It's going to be a real beauty when you finish.

PatchworkRose a dit…

As a quilter who always goes with her gut instinct I think you should choose which hexagon centre feels right to you. Just love that broder fabric with the castle :-)
Just loved all the photos.

Karen a dit…

Love the hexagons!! I say replace the center if you like the other one better.

Janet a dit…

You have some terrific photos to look at on your blog today. I love all of the quilts and the Prussian blue fabric is a beauty. Yes I would use the first hexagon center too.

Clare a dit…

Ooohhhh I wish I had been there! I didn't learn of Bonnie's trip until just before she left the US and it was too late to arrange anything this end as it was the Toussaint school break. However, I did get to speak to her on the phone!

Your Lone Star is beautiful and, yes, I would have gone back to the first one too.

Colette a dit…

C'est génial d'avoir retrouvé tes hexagones ! Il sera superbe, mais quel courage !

WhiteStone a dit…

What would I do? I would take the time to place the first hex center into the quilt. It will take time, but if that is your preferred center, you will always be happy that you did so.

Your other quilts are lovely! I was never brave enough to try a Lone Star. Well done!

willy a dit…

Hoi Will, wat een heerlijke dag hebben jullie gehad.
Prachtige quilts laat je zien. Het is wat extra werk het veranderen van de hexagonnen maar het is toch ook een goed gevoel als het naar je zin is.
Ik ben benieuwd wat je van de stoffen van Mary Koval gaat maken.
De taartjes van Francoise zijn wel heel inspirerend.

Anonyme a dit…
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Anonyme a dit…

Love your lone star quilt and the hexagons.Beautiful ! Do you permit me to start one like yours (I've seen a photograph of the original in one of your oldest posts)