vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Friday night sur la Butte

I needed a quilting template 10 days ago, so i went to 2 Paris' quiltshops, and just didn't find one i really liked.
Came home frustrated if not to say angry, and all of a sudden remembered i baught this book not so long ago:
the choise was easy peasy, i've cut a sheat of paper the right size, folded,designed and in less than 5 minutes i had my template.
I will think twice from now on before running to a shop!
After all, that's what quilters did a hundred years ago, right?
Btw, Paris is becoming a DESERT for quilting, the interresting shops are or in suburbs or in the country side.
So back to oldfashioned quiltmaking, the way i learned in the early seventies.

These blocks deserve better than staying in a plastic bag. I made them with my old quilting friends, all i have to do is choose the background fabric.
Any suggestions?
How about poison green?

This is the one and only antique quilttop i own: a turn-of-the-century logcabin, a barn raising.
There is just one row missing, so the balance is not nice.
As seam allowances are comfortable, i will change the setting in a straight furrow.
That will not take me ages to do.
Handsewn all over, i think that quilting is a better option than tying,any experiences with that?
All the fabrics seem in very goos condition, no browns.

I'm grateful for your kind comments on the hexies, and yes, i will change the center and save the second for a medallion quilt!
Have you been on Betsey Telford's website lately?
She sells antique quilts, and going through her collection is like turning the pages of a beautiful quiltbook.
Go and see and enjoy!
you all have a nice weekend, a mountain of ironing is waiting for me!
Wiil V in Paris

7 commentaires:

Karen a dit…

Good idea to make your own quilting template. Saves you money that you can spend on fabric!

WhiteStone a dit…

It's great satisfaction to make your own quilting template. As for the antique log cabin...I am so jealous! I love the fabrics from that era.

Jan a dit…

Your antique log cabin is beautiful! Those red and cheddar centers just pop against the bright blues.

Fabric Fanatic a dit…

Will that template is fantastic and isn't clever to forge your own path!
I vote for charcoal as a background. Those stars are lovely.

Karen a dit…

I've had my eye on that book. Looks like a nice one. Love the star blocks!

Banaghaisge a dit…

The star blocks are fabulous! How many have you got? I rather like the idea of poison green, it will make the stars sparkle against such a contrasting background.
How lucky to have such a lovely old log cabin too. How big is it? How much more material would you need to make another row of blocks? I have some of those blues - 1980s shirtings, and probably some other materials that would mix in.
Also, there are lots of repro light shirtings around these days.
I guess it depends on how big it is already.
Have fun with them. (Is it cold yet? Here it is going to be 45*C tomorrow - only 37*C today. Sigh).

Janet a dit…

Your quilting template is great, I love my books for that reason and you can change sizes too. I love the stars and will look forward to seeing what you do with them. I do like the colours in the log cabin too.