mercredi 25 novembre 2009

PAMINA likes the quilt top i showed some days ago and asked if she could start one too :
YES Pamina, because i will never claim an original design.
I consider that all the geometric figures or designs have been invented thousands and thousands of years ago.
I strongly believe that every quilt lives its own life through the choice of fabric.
So go for it Pamina, and have fun like i had , but please show the result on your blog!

I also have a request:
On so many of the blogs i follow i see the fellow bloggers in the side bar, you can see if there is a new posting through a little picture, i would like to install my favorite blogs too, BUT HOW?
Your help will be much appreciated.
This posting is as boring as the wheather in Paris, windy rainy and dark............
Sorry, i'll do better next time!

4 commentaires:

Taryn a dit…

I like your blog very, very much. I got the "blog list gadget" from Blogger. If you sign into your blog, go into layout mode and click "add a gadget" then search for the one called "blog list," choose it and follow the directions. Sorry I don't have more detailed instructions. Whenever I make changes to my blog I cross my fingers and hope for the best. It is dreary and rainy here and it isn't even Paris. sigh.

Sunshine a dit…

I totally agree with your opinion about your quilt patterns. I am baffled at the many hobby quilters who say their quilts are copyrighted and want others to ask permission to use them. I think quilters should inspire each other - I love seeing a quilt on a blog and then figuring out the design and making a similar one. It'll never be exactly the same quilt anyway... So free-quilt-trade, hurray!

Taryn already gave a great description of how to get the blog roll onto your blog. I look forward to the new feature!


Anonyme a dit…

Thank you Will !!! I'm so in love with this quilt ! I know it's a very long time project and of course, i will post my little progress on my blog from time to time. Thanks again...

KathieB a dit…

I agree too. It seems pretty presumptuous to claim to own any quilt design. There are some exceptions of course--I was really glad to see Paula Nadelstern won her lawsuit against the hotel in Houston TX that had carpet installed, clearly using her quilts in its designs.