samedi 21 novembre 2009

I went to the craft show and came home with this:
a small piece of fabric with an angel, and a bigger piece, one meter, of dark brown decorator fabric, some olé olé ladies, kitschy, but how nice for a medallion quilt, and a dark brown back ground is very hard to find!

There was not much available for me:
to much of glittery christmas stuff,
jewellery, more kitsch, scrapbooking, even chocolates, and, oh yes, i baught some paint to pimp up old chairs.
You ask me about prices?
12euros only to get into the show, around 16 euros for a meter of quiltfabric, and you buy in a hectic atmosphere.
So i'm longing for the next craftshow in Paris , in February. It'll be all about sewing, knitting, embroidery and so on.

Some of the things i saw:
delicious BOUTIS from a Japanese lady living in France.

A pic from the SAJOU booth

Another SAJOU item

And the last one.



The last two ones are from MARIE CLAIRE IDEES.

How hard she worked this summer!
My friend Nicole T made this top after having seen JOES MEESTER's antique quilt in Quiltmania.
The background is a soft vanilla shade.
She works so quick and accurately; hard to believe...........;

Have a lovely weekend, all of you, Will V in Paris

7 commentaires:

Deborah a dit…

wonderful fabric finds!

Janet a dit…

The fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the photos, Ioved seeing them all.

PatchworkRose a dit…

Quiltmania Has the most gorgeous quilts Thankyou so much for sharing :-)

Lori a dit…

The fabric you purchased is beautiful! I love the Quiltmania booth, but your friend's quilt takes the prize! Amazing!!

dutch quilt cat a dit…

hoi wil will you tell your friend she did a graet job with the copy of my antique quilt

Rose Marie a dit…

Nicole T did an amazing job .....

Minka's Studio a dit…

That last quilt is amazing! Is it done with English paper piecing?