dimanche 26 juillet 2009

A sunny day in the garden

a quiet day in a garden in a Paris suburb, hard to believe there was just 15 minutes in a train to reach my friends for a meal, a glass and a lot of tschatsch before a longer vacation for most of us.
We were at Dominique, she is an embroiderer as much as a quilter and she allowed me to take pics of her own private little room where her fabrics, threads, boxes and the rest is on display.
Like heaven !
She is a collector of vintage items and , of course, a fleamarket and junksale afficionado.
So enjoy the pics.

Sylvie started a new quilt, big houses of 40cms, in rather unexpected fabrics.

Wall art passage des Abbesses, Montmartre.

Sunday morning at the café,Blanka, a dog from La Butte.

10 commentaires:

Gwendie a dit…

Enjoy indeed! Those were wonderful pictures. I love the cups fabric on her house block - totally unexpected. Her place looks like so much fun to see.

Miriam a dit…

Ohhh thank you for such wonderful photographs!!! So many things to see.

I wish I was sitting there at that table enjoying all the wonderful food and company with you!

Clare a dit…

Wonderful pictures. I recognise those sewing boxes. No wonder you were interested in mine, which is a bit bigger.

Are you staying put or going away for August.

willy a dit…

Leuk dat je ons even meeneemt voor een gezellige zaterdag. Het ziet er heerlijk uit.
Dat we binnen mogen kijken is ook erg leuk. Wat heeft Dominique veel mooie spullen.
De quilt van Sylvie zou je zeker niet verwachten in deze stoffen maar daarom juist leuk.
Je laatste foto is lief!
Je zus kwam ook langs op mijn web-log.

Ann a dit…

Thank you again for a visual feast!
My followers have all vanished too. I'm just hoping they reappear as suddenly. I found a website, but not much help : http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2009/07/missing-followers.html
but it seams a lot of people are having the same problem. Love your blog,

Karen a dit…

What a wonderful sewing room! Makes me want to just jump in and play with everything in it.

abby jenkins a dit…

Will you be my friend? This post is like a montage of all my favorite things, dogs, latte bowls, fabric, lunch & wine with friends al fresco...

anne-marie L a dit…

I am also so happy to see our moments of happiness in Dominique's garden. Some magic views of her new room for sewing anne marie

AverettLadyNana a dit…

I did so much enjoy the wonderful pictures. My idea of heaven too!

Corrie a dit…

Vanochtend kwam ik via Willy voor het eerst op je weblog en ik zie direct allerlei dingen waar ik ook van hou, naaikistjes, borduurwerk, handwerkboeken, brocante, mooie kommen enz. behalve dan quilten, dat is nog steeds een bijna blanco gebeuren. Ik voeg je aan mijn "feedslijst" toe, dan kan ik je belevenissen volgen.
Hartelijke groeten van Corrie: