lundi 6 juillet 2009

Scrappy top and heat in Paris

Hello you all quilters,
this morning my friend FrançoiseP,
not a quilter herself, send me a furious e-mail, saying 2 weeks without a post was more than enough LOL
Is it the summer heat that makes me lazy?
Anyway, i grabbed some stuff i wanted to show you for a long time amready.
This dollbed quilt for example, made with the remnants of remnants.
It's been pictured for QUILTMANIA in a lovely way.

Monique is working on a BONNIE HUNTER project for a friend of hers.
She mixes prints and some plaids, good mix Monique!

This top is soooooooooo huge, and the outerborder is not even sewn!
It was explained in 3 issues of QUILTWORKS.
Sadly, the magazine does not exist any longer.
It was very clearly explained, not one of those you can make in a short time,but what a kick while sewing a new row.
Anne Marie made her and had hardly any experience in machine sewing tops at that moment, but she handled it brilliantly.
Her top has a darker background from tan to beige.

Teddy sitting on the bunch of crossstich embroideries i'm collecting in order to make "things"
Not sure what, maybe a big bag and a floor throw to start.
Prices for those things a still reasonable, but some stylists are working with those, so prices may rise quickly.

A piece of silk from my junkshop, two meters long.

Last but not least:
sad news:
The American Bookshop BRENTANO'S closed after a long agony, i used to go there frequently,Galingnani's is an alternative, but has less quiltbooks and no quiltingmagazines.
That's the way life goes, they say Brentano's could no longer afford the rents on Avenue de L'Opéra..
Happy quilting ladies,enjoy the summertime!

10 commentaires:

shellysquilts a dit…

Love the doll quilt and the medallions is fantastic. Happy quilting!

MJinMichigan a dit…

I LOVE your medallion quilt. I am also making it but you have way more finished than I do! I used to love Quiltworks magazine and was very sad to see it end.
The pattern for the medallion quilt is also in the book Classic Quilts by the Keystone Quilters published in 2005 by Moon Over the Mountain.

Karen a dit…

The medallion quilt is something that I really like. It is big but it is beautiful!

Janet a dit…

I used to get that magazine too, it was very good. Both the quilts are really wonderful.

una quilter a dit…

Oh, how lovely your medallion is! I especially appreciate the flying geese border farthest from the center. It's funky in a way - if I'm allowed to say so;) Your junkshop sounds like a treasureshop! The doll bed quilt must have been a lot of fun to make!

KQ Sue a dit…

How sad to lose a book store.
I love the medallion quilt. I like to add pieced borders around a center, until the quilt is just the right size.

martine a dit…

Wat jammer dat de boekwinkel er niet meer is.
Hielden ze nog een leuke uitverkoop?
Leuk je oude borduursels. Benieuwd wat het gaat worden.

Colette a dit…

Quel plaisir de te lire !
C'est vrai que l'été pousse à un peu de paresse...
Trés beau ce médaillon, ça donne des envies !

YankeeQuilter a dit…

Beautiful medallion the fabric choices. The little doll quilt is very fun as well.

anareis a dit…

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