vendredi 27 mai 2016

Progress on the blue monday quilt

Hi Randy Danto, this post is mainly for you.
Do you remember the dark blue fabric that was intended for the backing of the red hexagonquilt?
I've never been able to put the scissors in the huge amount and hoped to find a spectacular idea to use it.
And last week, while lurking Stella Rubin's website, i saw the antique quilt, dark blue background, close to mine and that bold chrome yellow  hour glasses, bingo!!
And there will be plenty for at least two more tops!
Randy, you're an angel....
Today's weather is nice, dry and warmer, but bad again for the weekend.
Take care you all quilters, happy quilting!

PS: Not enough fabric from my favorite chrome yellow, so it's a mix of several ones but that doesn't bother me. No progress on the japanese blocs until now.

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Judith a dit…

Willemke you nailed it! Prachtig, vooral dat geel! Stunning. Hier is het weer, uiteraard, ook niet veel beter. Ach wat maakt het uit. Zondag zit ik in Zutphen te luisteren naar Brigitte Giblin! Bisous

Randy D. a dit…

Will, I'm SO glad that you found good use for the "backing" fabric. It's perfect for those little blocks!!
I always am so impressed and inspired by your work!!
Glad that the weather is nice.
And I hope you're feel much better these days, too!
Much love!!

Unknown a dit…
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Unknown a dit…

Heel erg mooi! Het doet mij juist denken aan een zonnige drag in Staphorst.

Phyllis a dit…

Prachtig, dat hele donkerblauwe met dat frisse geel. Enig project.

Kleine Vingers a dit…

Leuk dat zonnige geel tegen die donker blauwe achtergrond. Leuke blokken ook. Volgens mij wordt het uiteindelijk een hele leuke top. Groeten Aurora

Nifty Quilts a dit…

Bingo is right! What fun. All those little shapes and fabrics with the various yellows are making a very happy quilt. You have a way of combining things fabrics that is truly inspiring.

MJinMichigan a dit…

Will, I'm glad to see you blogging again. It was nice spending a bit of time with you in Nantes and eating at potato restaurant with Joes and Isabeau.

sanpiseth40 a dit…

Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.
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