lundi 28 janvier 2013

The Singer FW was purring

the whole weekend to finish the frugal quilt and as the weather was as bad as can be, i was glad to stay home and sew.
The soft red Moda fabric blends in nicely with the muted colors of the triangles and comes from my stash.
The borders are more or less dicted by the amount of left over triangles.
I'm happy with the result and the size of the quilt.

I went to my Paris bee on wednesday knowing i would have a surprise, but i've been spoiled beyond my wildest dreams.
Instead of blocks, we usually make blocks for each other, i asked for doll quilts, made with orphan blocks from my fellowquilters: 
the first is from N, she made the improved puss-in-the-corner.

H made de adorable pumpkin quilt,

C the turn of the century hole-in-the-barndoor

And last but not least the cashmere- yes, cashmere- woolen logcabin, made by A

Am i spoiled or not???

Greetings from Paris, a lot warmer than last week and some sun this morning, Will V

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Kathie a dit…

beautiful quilt great job getting it finished!
yes your lucky to have received these beautiful doll quilts! have fun quilting them

betty prins a dit…

I also love the dollquilts, and the one you finished, so beautiful

Bouts Choisis a dit…

They are all lovely - lucky you! We had blue sky in Normandie this morning but not for long... Windy and wet again this afternoon!

Nifty Quilts a dit…

Congratulations on a beautiful finish. Your friends are very talented and generous!

Phyllis a dit…

Your frugal quilt is wonderful, I love it. And what great gifts! Lucky you!

Shirley a dit…

Your Frugal Quilt looks great and the red is perfect. Great idea for the doll quilts.

Jenny M a dit…

What a lovely idea to use the orphan blocks and give them a new lease on life...lucky you to receive them as gifts.
Your frugal quilt top is full of interesting fabrics.

Quilt Lady a dit…

I love your new frugal quilt. I think it turned out beautifully! I am working on a Bonnie Hunter pattern, Star Gazing, from her first book. The doll quilts are wonderful!

Quilt Lady a dit…
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Jeanine D'Arras a dit…

Ja, dat mag wel verwend genoemd worden. Wat een leuk idée ! Die cashmere stofjes zijn erg mooi. Oude overhemden ?


not so zen -quilts in Paris a dit…

Bonjour Jeanine, mon amie A avait accès à un stock de tissus dans l'est de la France. Je viens de découvrir ton blog et tes réalisations sont fascinantes, bien à toi

Brown Dirt Cottage a dit…

Great quilt!!

Holly Field Designs a dit…

Bonjour! What wonderful and talented friends you have. I love the cashmere wool log cabin quilt. I've saved recycled wool (from old clothing) for nearly twenty years, and now I'm inspired to finally cut into my treasured stash! Thanks for sharing.

Holly Field Designs a dit…

p.s. I forgot to mention I love your frugal quilt, especially the French General red border. It really framed the blocks nicely.`

GARIGO a dit…

Beau résultat!!!
J'aime bien aussi le log cabin en laine ;o)