vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Last bee in 2012

was at Anne Marie, see her working on her embroidered wedding ring quilt.
A gorgeous quilt, and her embroidery skills are much improved now.

Dominique worked on her blue hexagon s while telling us about her move to Normandy.
We will see her less now, and regret her lovely garden, but Normandy is not THAT far, beware Dom....

Michele quilting her thorn of crowns, looks very antiqui, as she used an old sheet as a background.

Sylvie was designing and the serial you-know-what knitted a pull-over inspired by a book about the Muhu island, i just couldn't take my eyes of the book...

Meet our eldest daughter, Stojanka.
This brave young woman lives in London and we don't see her as much as we would like.
I'd better say we miss her dearly...
She came to see her old mom and pop for a few days, we spoiled her, we talked about the past and childhood and then she left on a plane for two months in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
Hooray for skype, e mails and internet
what would we do without it nowadays? 

This is what i saw on a rainy decemberday.
But by the time i grabbed my camera, the rainbow had faded away.

 I took a walk in the Marais last week and took some pics.
All around the rue des Francs Bourgeois.

This is the scrapbox: a wooden hatbox i found long ago in the street on a winternight.
The diameter is 50 cm, about 17 inches, and my goal in 2013 is working from this box.
Instead of buying more and more fabric i will spend money on some quilt related trips like Nantes and Ste Marie aux Mines and socialize with my quilting buddies.
The box is incredibly heavy and is good for at least 6 or 7 tops i guess.

A junkshop find, no idea what for...

And a frugal bag project:
Every day the postman leaves behind a few meters of thread, i've crocheted a bag, started in October, crochting a bit every day.

A friend gave me the leather handles, rescued from a Longchamp bag, I will dig out some African fabric for a lining.
Soon more about this.

More frugal stuff, flying geese                               and triangles, leftovers from the flying geese.
No decisions about settings or such.

Dear Mary Elizabeth Kinch in Canada, you've made my day: i received this morning your sweet letter and my copy of your book is now signed.
I'm sure we will once meet somewhere, but Paris would be wonderfull.

I wish you a very happy new year, there will be ups and downs and the crisis is a nasty beast for many of us, but we will all try to keep an open eye on the small things and joys of life, i'm sure,
Will V in Paris

12 commentaires:

Espe a dit…

Unos trabajos preciosos. Feliz Año nuevo.

betty prins a dit…

hallo Will, eerst eens een heel goed en gezond nieuw jaar gewenst!
En vooral veel inspiratie om met je lapjes te werken, wauw, die hoedendoos, op zich al een pracht ding en dan vol lapjes!
Ik zit echt te genieten van de foto's van de Marais, ik herken de plekken van ons vorige bezoek aan Parijs.

Nifty Quilts a dit…

It looks like you have a lovely year of projects arranged. Best wishes in 2013!

Tammy Ekrut a dit…

I enjoy seeing your posts. Our vist in your home during our trip to Paris in 2010 remains one of my favorite memories. We stopped by to purchase a painting to compliment one friends had bought years prior.

Every Stitch a dit…

Thanks for a great post. I particularly adore the embroidered quilt- great embroidery - such a lovely idea and the colours chosen are gorgeous!The blue hexagon and the crown of thorns are both beautiful vintage-looking quilts too. Well done to all of you!
Every Stitch

KijkDaarIs a dit…

Wat een mooie en gezellige foto.s...en ook hier geld wat fijn hé internet...lekker lezen op je blog en ons mee laten genieten....
Natuurlijk voor jou ook een héél fijn Nieuw Jaar.....
Hele fijne dag
Groetjes Gerda

martine a dit…

Wat leuk, hier staat ook zo'n hoedendoos.
Van mijn grootmoeder geweest.
Als die van jou vol lapjes zit kun je even vooruit.

Isadarena a dit…

I just discovered your blog and that is really pleasant to walk trough your quilt world.
Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos with us :)
I wish you a very Happy New year 2013: May this new year bring you many pleasant days.


Phebe and Jane a dit…

Wat een heerlijk gezellig bericht. Ik volg je blog al een tijdje met veel plezier. En wat is Parijs toch een prachtige stad.

Berna a dit…

Leuk dat je op mijn blog was. Jouw blog heb ik ook even doorgekeken. Gezellig! Zag dat je ook in st Marie bent geweest. Leuk he? Succes met quilten. Kom nog wel eens buurten.

lia a dit…

Hallo Will,een heel gezond inspirerend en creatief 2013,heerlijk van die dozen met shraps
daar zullen veel mooie projecten uitkomen.Ik ben alweer heel de week aan mijn rode hexagon-quilt aan hetwerken,je ziet het binnenkort op mijn blog.
Groetjes Lia

Randy D. a dit…

Will, I'm so glad to "meet" your daughter! And all those pictures taken in the Marais makes me want to return to Paris really soon! Thanks for sharing!