dimanche 20 janvier 2013

A white world

Another frugal quilt on the way: these are the leftovers from the fisrt FQ i made a few weeks ago and i played with the small triangles.
Each block measures 8 and a half inches, and i have 30 blocks.
The background fabric is an old kimono, the weaving makes it less flat, more dynamic.
I will dig in the boxes again to find fabric for the sashings.
The overall quilt finished will not be enormous, but cover a double bed.

This we saw this morning from our window, white roofs and the snowing goes on and on.

Rue des trois frères

Théatre Charles Dullin

Rue des Abbesses - rue Lepic

Rue des trois frères, at my doorstep

rue Yvonne Le Tac

Place des Abbesses

Place des Abbesses

Rue Lepic
At home it's warm and cosy, DH just served me a cuppa, and i count my blessings
Love to all, whereever you are.

13 commentaires:

Randy D. a dit…

Bonjour Will. The pictures of Paris in white are beautiful. I hope you are staying warm and dry!

Phebe and Jane a dit…

Wat een prachtige foto's van een winters Parijs. En over frugal gesproken: ik heb vaak met je zus Hanne zitten praten over de overhemden die ze bij elkaar sprokkelde voor quilts. We zaten namelijk samen op de Bornbee in Zutphen.

Kathie a dit…

oh the snow just looks so pretty in Paris.
someday I hope to come visit
glad you have been served and have a nice hot cup of coffee/tea?

Ann-Mari a dit…

Love the colours you have put together. I see Paris has more snow than we have here up north in the middle of Norway.

Nifty Quilts a dit…

These blocks are really precious. It will make a wonderful quilt.

Bouts Choisis a dit…

We have snow here in Normandie too! It looks very pretty through the window - we are warm and dry indoors!

Every Stitch a dit…

Wonderful snow photos - such a beautiful city!
Every Stitch

Anonyme a dit…

Ces blocs sont magnifiques ! Je me réjouis de voir la suite...et tu as raison, nous sommes sur la même ligne en ce moment !
Belles photos de Paris sous la neige ! nous n'en manquons pas ici non plus...

Phyllis a dit…

What wonderful blocks! Great choice of fabrics. Did you start quilting the frugal quilt already? That is such a wonderful quilt too, love scrappy quilts, especially those made from shirts. Unfortunately my DH usually wears non-patterned ('effen' ) shirts....
not much use for my scrap bag...
Look forward to seeing more!

Karen a dit…

Lots of snow falling around the world these past couple of days. Your frugal quilt is looking good!

GARIGO a dit…

Oui, être bien au chaud à la maison...avec un nouveau patch en route!

Miriam a dit…

I love the photos of the snowy Paris streets!

Carla a dit…

I have just visited your blog for the first time and was delighted to see these pictures of Paris! My husband and 2 of my sons were in Paris the end of November and stayed at Rue Andre Barsacq, so your street scenes are very familiar! We had coffee at the Cafe Chappe in your photo of just outside your doorstep! I must have walked past your home several times :).