lundi 26 novembre 2012

News from the frugal quilt

The frugal quilttop  is finished.
I had no troubles with putting the blocks and borders together and love the soft touch of the blocks.
The very dark brown background is - i think- a mix of linnen and wool but nothing was mentioned about the composition.
There is a big leftover for a skirt or a pair of pants, so the final spending is still 5 euro's.
Not to bad i think.
I've started with the cutting  of the flying geese, from the same fabrics, and can now close the lids of both the boxes.
 The fabrics are too heavy and rustic for a traditional quilting and thin crochet yarn seems a better option.

This is my friend LEA STANSAL who had a personal exhibition at the craftshow.
She showed the boxes from her latest book and it was the most interresting part of the show.
Hardly quilts, some in the commercial stands, ,but i was not inspired .
I had to go there for a special reason, but spending 12 euros entry fee ?
I won't go there next year and i long for the februaryshow.
Strollers, suitcases, and people schlepping schleppers make it even to a dangerous experience.....

Last but not least a message for Belgian fabric lovers :
COSABETH PARRIAUD will expose her wall art at Galerie ARTE VIVA in Gent, Belgium,
from 30 Nov. until 4 Dec.
Happy quilting ladies,
Will V in Paris

11 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Magnifique quilt, Will !

Phyllis a dit…

I love the frugal quilt top! Love the fabrics and also the idea. When it comes to old/antique quilts I also always seem to like the quilts really made from scraps more that the 'chique' ones. This is so in keeping with that idea. Look forward to seeing it quilted.

regan a dit…

This quilt is gorgeous! I love how soft and cozy it looks. The rich plaids are so beautiful together! Lovely!

Nifty Quilts a dit…

Fantastic quilt! I could look at the different plaids and textures all day. The dark brown gives it so much character. I like your idea of tying it with crochet thread.

betty prins a dit…

Heel mooi, je quilt! De stoffen zijn toch wel heel speciaal, mooi effect.
Van Lea Stansal heb ik een boek, met veel lintborduurwerk, erg inspirerend!
Ik verheug mij ook op februari, hoop daar veel moois te zien!

Anonyme a dit…

Love it.
Beautiful, simple, classic.

Randy D. a dit…

Bonjour Will, your quilt is fabulous. I can't wait to see it in person next week!! I am arriving on Monday. I am very much looking forward to seeing your quilts and the new decor in your home!

MulticoloredPieces a dit…

Hi, Will. This is such a beautiful quilt and the colors are soooo pleasing. Can't explain why. Just pleasing. I also liked seeing your apartment--it looks so wonderful and so Parisian! Have a happy holiday season with lots of stitching!
best, nadia

MulticoloredPieces a dit…

I might add. If you don't allow anonymous comments, then you probably don't need the word verification. That's how I set up my blogs and I never have any trouble with spam. That word verification really discourages conversation!
best, nadia

Willy a dit…

Hej Will, ik ben weg van je quilt. prachtige combinatie van kleuren en vormen. Lieve groet,

Traffic Pulse India a dit…
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