jeudi 20 octobre 2011

Willyne Hammerstein in Ste Marie

Look at her smiling face, while she is signing her book MILLEFIORI QUILTS at the Quiltmania booth in Ste Marie. And oh, you should have seen her quilts hanging there, sparkling and shiny, made from the most humble and unexpected fabrics.
I meet Willyne every now and then, and we talk about places where we hunt for stuff.if you look carefully at her pic you may notice that she seems to promote the book called HISTORY OF DUTCH QUILTS, but this is not hers.
MILLEFIORI QUILTS is edited by QUILTMANIA, it's a must have.
The border of this quilt was found by Willyne in southern France.
Aquilt from an Israelian quilter, carefully made and nicely quilted.
The last group of pics concerns the quilts from Brouage,beautiful copies of antique quilts. The last part will be about the antique quilts from Australia, brought to Europe by Annette Gero and her very supportive husband. See you then, take care , Will V in Paris

5 commentaires:

Theodora quilts a dit…

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog ,I enjoy looking at the beautiful quilts so much detail and the lovely colors nicely put together,I have have enjoyed looking at your blog, you have so much knowledge about textiles to share with us,thank you for sharing.

Nifty Quilts a dit…

I found your blog through Theodora in Greece. I love your quilts and your aesthetic! Your hexes, your baskets, all really lovely. I am going to add you to my list right now.

Lucy a dit…

I Love the border. it is so soft looking. just my piece of cake at this moment!

betty prins a dit…

Wat kan ik genieten van de prachtige quilts van Wilynne. Het boek was even uitverkocht, maar ik ga er beslist achteraan. Bedankt voor de mooie foto's van St Marie, ik was er deze keer niet, dus geniet nu dubbel.

Supergoof a dit…

De quilts van Willyne lijken me zo ontzettend MOOI!