mercredi 29 septembre 2010

Ste Marie again

We saw this the very last morning on the way down from the hill where we stay: not the best moment, nostalgis, because we know we have to wait for another year to come back, see the beautiful surroundings just waking up and open the doors in pijama's, an enormous breakfast waiting for us an NO dishes to wash.
Evelyne and Jean spoil us in a scandalous way and we drink a gewurztraminer spatlase before EVERY dinner......

Two more pieces from the Korean expo, they have such a know how, that even i, preferring far more traditionnal and antique quilts, have a deep respect for their artistry.

A crib sized straight furrow log cabin,mostly wool challis and etamine, just darling,
who would not like to have such a sweetie on the wall?

An antique honey comb quilt from Joe and Mary Koval, sold and gone, just time to take a pic...

An amish straight fuurow, bedsize, much look alike the other one i realize, wool challis.

In Joe and Mary's booth, from left to right: Anne Marie, Randy Danto from California, me and Valerie, she's a blogger and proffessional machine quilter, her blog is called JOURNEY OF A QUILT LOVER, go and see her.

Such a pity i couldn't take a pic of the entire quilt: there was such a crowd in front.. So many lovely details to see, the maker is Japanese, a fairy tale, really.

And my quilt hung there too,just plain pleasure to see the whole quilt in good conditions.
Will be back soon, there is more,
Will V in Paris

7 commentaires:

Tonya Ricucci a dit…

wonderful show. I love that second Korean pojagi(sp?) quilt and oooh, those beautiful log cabins.

Lori a dit…

Your quilt is lovely hanging in the show! Thanks for taking me along on a virtual tour.

Taryn a dit…

I love the mushrooms (toadstools) picture. They look like fairytale mushrooms and match the ones in the fairytale quilt by the Japanese quiltmaker.

Clare a dit…

That second Korean quilt is just awesome. Thought Ton would like it :-)

And the added bonus is seeing your hexagon quilt. Congrats on the showing.

Address please! This envelope is being moved from room to room and if you aren't careful it will disappear amongst DH's rubbish!

Automne arrivée!

vive a dit…

superbe quilt

willy a dit…

Hoi Will, leuk om weer even bij je te lezen. Dat was een heerlijk uitje naar de Elsas. Ik hoop er ook nog eens heen te gaan, lijkt me heel inspirerend. Veel plezier met quilten.
Lieve groet

McIrish Annie a dit…

Thanks for sharing the Korean quilts. They are spectacular. Like the Japanese, they are just fabulous quilters.