lundi 27 septembre 2010

I just

couldn't wait to show you : the little quilt with the antique fabrics,
it measures 21 by 21 inches, 55 by 55 cm
The houses made by hand, the borders and sashings by machine, pure fun.
I'm running strait away to my Carrefour grocery to put a decent meal on the table tonight.
Tomorrow boring stuff to do, but a new posting will brighten up the day.
Will V

7 commentaires:

ann hermes a dit…

I love your quilt. I work with antique fabrics also.

Meredith a dit…

What a cute quilt. I bet it was fun to make.

Taryn a dit…

You've incorporated my favorites: pink and brown, the house block and antique favorites. It's lovely.

Broderie and The Kingston Girls a dit…

i always love the house block in patchwork, your little mini quilt is just gorgeous. i have two good friends that have just come home from your lovely city, paris !

Clare a dit…


Can't wait to read about your travels and your quilting fun at the show.

theodora a dit…

that is such a cute quilt,I have made something similar ,but mine I zig zaged the doors and windows on there and used many diff.fabrics, there are so many combinations one can do its endless, I have been following your blog for quite sometime, stop by and look at mine when you have a second. take care and happy quilting.


Enfin, le voilà ce fameux quilt, bravo, il est absolument magnifique, bien dans l'esprit de ce que tu fais d'habitude...peut-être le verrais-je un jour ?