lundi 27 septembre 2010

Back home

Lots to show you after ten days off to the Netherlands and the Elsass: there were beautiful Korean textiles to be seen, and also Miao costumes,the pojagis were sparkling of colors and seemed featherlight.
Small sizes, and i wonder what is the use of these items?
Maybe just to wrap up something, quite mysterious.

I spend onde day with my Dutch friends in the country side, and as the villages are very crowded in the wine region, we also went away from the madding
crowd, where we saw things like this: the fairy tale houses, the doors, the incredible use of colours, reds ,blues ,purple, quilted façades, a feast for the eye...

The gargoyle is a special greeting for TONYA ( Lazy gal this is a metal one Ton, gargoyles are mostly made of stone

You will hardly see a house there without flowers, mention the woodcarving on the corner, sadly i didn't make a pic of the detail...

We went to a brocante in Illkirchen on sundaymorning and i found this jersey pottery: apiece i would have payed at least 4 times as much as in Normandy,
i also saw some Quimper pottery for a very reasonable price;

The small pieces of fabric are destinated for a little doll quilt.
I bought them at MARY and JOE KOVAL, the kindest quilt dealers on the whole Planet.
I thought i would find my inspiration in my books, but nope, i made houses of it, sweet sweet sweet.
So, if you need help for reparing an antique quilt for example, go and see Joe and Mary, sure they will help you out.
The bigger piece with green and pink is just enough for the backing,that means that the little quilt is entirely made of antique fabric.
Come and see me tomorrow for a pic of the little top, and more from the Elsass.
Will V in Paris, chilly today

Another recent junkshop find: a velvet little vest for a child, embroidered with glitters.
Anyone there who has an idea about where this comes from?
Eastern Europe?
Maybe Hungary?

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Hello Will, Ces livres sont des trésors, source inépuisable d'inspiration, je suis d'accord !

Mª Clara Lloveras a dit…

I like much your blog!!!
It´s very interesting!
I love the photos you put in to blog.