lundi 14 septembre 2015

Just before leaving

Paris for 5 days in the Elsass i took a suburb train and joined my quilting buddies for the first bee after the summer break. A little surprise: wall paintings at gare du Nord. Gare du Nord is an area with an important Indian community and i suppose the paintings had something to do with that. It's not my cup of tea, but the colors are vibrant, and nothing was tagged by stupid jerks yet.

So arriving at the bee at Monique's, i found the serial knitter quilter busy with her japanese box filled with a project she's working on for years now LOL. She said that if i put her head on the blog, she'll kill me.....

Mimi quilting a cot quilt, pink and turquoise

next to Sylvie with her beautiful repro quilt, finished or close to and pulling out the basting threads

Anne Marie quilting a block-of-the-month quilt from japanese fabrics, a gem with embroidery.

Progress on my swirls, i made the corrections where necessary, finishing the top is easy peasy now....

And also the Mountmellick is coming to an end. 4 Little star blocks to make and i would like to hear what you think about the outer border.
It's a rather dramatic pillar print from a Moda collection of Barbara Brackman, the nineties if i remember well. That means that ALL the fabrics, exept the appliquéd flowers and the background of the fourth border as well as the background for the stars, came out of the scrapboxes and the boxes-under-the-bed.
As i said, i'll be in the fast train for Strasburg tomorrow morning, and i will meet Lori de Jarnatt who comes with her DD from the US.Joes, Ellen and Isabeau will pick me up in SMM. I count my blessing and i'm grateful, take care!

PS: I couldn't leave without mentioning the fabulous meal Monique put on the table, a curry, clairette de Die, cheese and a dessert straight from heaven.... so dinner was a cup of tea and an apple!

7 commentaires:

Nifty Quilts a dit…

What fun to sit and sew with all of these talented friends! You have been busy. Your swirls are beautiful! Montmellick is a treasure as well. Have fun at the big show.

claire witherspoon a dit…

Oh! You and your quilt friends are all so talented. It's so nice to see all of the hand quilting! I love the swirls patterned top, an interesting variation os Snails Trail, 6 / 3 ?! Did you design or was inspired by a vintage quilt?
Your border chioce for Montmellick seems a good match with the colors and the change of scale to a large graphic might be just the thing, the top is exquisite! Have fun at the exhibit!

not so zen -quilts in Paris a dit…

Hello Claire, the snailtrail quilt was found in Edyta Sitar's book "a handful of scraps" I'm fond of all her quilts. I appreciate your kind reaction.

Judith a dit…

wat een talenten! Echt allemaal super prachtig, met name de quilt van Sylvie!!! Prachtig, het kleur gebruik en het quilten. En als er dan ook nog eens zo lekker gekookt wordt........ Mooie rand heb je uitgekozen voor je Mountmellick! Echt een statement een oer zeur waardig. Heel veel plezier in SMM, groetjes aan iedereen.

Annie Kingma.Bonnema a dit…

Heel mooie werken, en hoe de rand moet, zou het niet zo weten
Gezellig zo met elkaar.
Groetnis Annie

Randy D. a dit…

The quilts are beautiful! I hope you have a fantastic time. I'm so sad that I'm not going with you.
Maybe next time. Travel safely!!

Kootenay Quilter a dit…

So pleased to see so many hand quilters in your circle of friends!!