mardi 23 juin 2015

Fabrics, a book, a bag and a quilt

Some of the fabrics bought during the quilters' gathering, 50 cent for each piece, and the red and off white is enough for a top!

The old fashioned book is from 1889, tips for young ladies, their household, how to take care of men and children, and good manners. Things i desperately need....

Sunset over Paris, direction south, from my window. Everything was pinky, and light flashes on windows. Click on the foto and you will see until Ile de la Cité. Even farther, because the skyscrapers are in the 13th, so south Paris intra muros.

I had a lovely meeting with LeeAnn , her blog is called Nifty Quilts and go and take a visit, she took a lot of foto's, tomoorow a last coffee, before she flies back with Bruce to Seattle.

It happens that we could meet Christine too, Christine lives in Athens,Greece, and is an avid quilter too.

I have shown this quilt before and you may have seen it. A more elegant an well balanced version was made by Esther Paap for the book ' 'Promenade dans un jardin Hollandais' by Petra Prins and An Moonen. The pattern didn't exist by the time i started the quilt in 2011, after seeing a foto in Quilts Japan. There are 2 antique versions of this quilts: one in the Netherlands and the other went to Pennsylvania. So it's about the "sisters quilt"
Judit Ebbelaar and her sister Karin have just finished both a top and Judith (Juudsquilts) has written several postings about their top and the finish during the Noroy Quilt Convention. So all at once it became a HYPE! Join us ! It's so much fun to make it!
The middle , including the part of the yellow triangles, is very big as i designed the templates myself with the help of papersheets with half centimeters squares, a pencil and a compass. Lazy as i am, i used a border fabric for the intermediate border instead of the tiny stars on the original quilts. The orangy cheddar fabric in the medallion was a men's summershirt from the junkshop. The quilting is simple and not very intricated. Made with what i had in the scrapboxes and boxes under the bed. Barbara Brackman noticed that i had used the very darkbrown in the medallion from a fabric she designed for her collection 'Lately Arrived From Paris" and wrote a lovely posting about my quilt and i felt very honored.
If you want to see more pictures scoll back on my blog to june 2012.

All the segments for the snailtrail are ready and prepared for the summer among some other little jobs. Maybe i won't tuch a needle, but i feel secure with some handwork in my luggage.

My Vanessa Bruno bag is from the junkshop and i payed 10 euros for it. It happened the the inner part was completely worn out and out of order. I carefully took it out and used it as a template. Spic and span again , using the leather parts on the new lining, i have a brand new bag, the bag costs a random 520 euros, no way, i cannot afford that!!

Keep on quilting ladies and let me know if you too are under the spell of the SISTERS - LES SOEURS - ZEUREN quilt! 

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Judith a dit…

Wat een heerlijk blog heb je geschreven. And yes lets start a HYPE, great idea. The Zeuren/Les Soeurs is a wonderful quilt to be working on. So Not so Zen In Paris met up with international quiltsters, USA and Greece, you rock! Die tas! Ik doe het je niet na hoor. Fijne avond, bisou

NADINE a dit…

LOVELY post again, with gorgeous pictures :))
OF COURSE, I've been enjoying "DE ZEUREN" on Juud's posts, but yours is also absolutely beautiful !
And finally, let me tell you that YESSSSS I'm going to "ZEUR" very soon !

In stitches,

Annie Kingma.Bonnema a dit…

Prachtige foto's en quilts,
De zeuren is mooi, maar moet voor hier nog nog wachten.
Nog zoveel te quilten, eerst af de Pocket of Possies.
Groetnis Annie

martine a dit…

Dat vind ik toch de ware kunst van het quilten, lapjes overal vandaan plukken.
Groetjes Martine

Quilteuse Forever a dit…

Formidable rencontre, je vous aime toutes les trois !
Bientôt à mon tour j'aurai le plaisir de raconter ma rencontre avec LeeAnn. Merci pour ces belles photos Willemke, et bravo pour tous ces merveilleux quilts !

sally a dit…

Enjoyed your post! Quite a bargain on the fabrics. The purse was a great did a beautiful job with the lining!

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Craftluver Marianna a dit…

O yes, I am under the spell aswell, but I can't buy the bok, so I guess I will do it your way! Draw the templates my self in some way! Thanks for the tips! Enjoy! Hugs from the Netherlands!

Heleni van Til a dit…

Hoi Will. Ik heb even jouw Les Soeurs bekeken en zie dat je geen sterretjes hebt gemaakt maar een randstof. Dat is ook hartstikke mooi zeg.
Ik zag de sterretjes ook niet zo zitten en bedacht me een alternatief. Maar toen 'puntje bij paaltje' kwam ben ik over stag gegaan en toch ermee begonnen. Tjee, het is een arbeid hoor. Maar ook wel weer leuk. Ik weet niet of ik het kan volhouden maar ik doe mijn best...
Groetjes, Heleni

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow a dit…

Hello I wonder if there is currently a pattern for the Les Soeurs quilt somewhere?