jeudi 11 juin 2015

A week in the country

In the aastern part of France, with Vesoul as the nearest town of some importance, we had a wonderful quilt convention organised by Betty, who took care of us as a mother. The house, more than 200 years old, take a look at the floor! good for some quilt inspiration?

The tiny little hexies Betty is working on

And the sister's quilt Juud and her sister Karin are making, both took the quilt from Petra Prins' and An Moonen's book Promenade dans un jardin Hollandais. This quilt was the subject of much laughter and jokes.
It's called the ZEUREN Project and we call all quilters to join us!

The last evening we had dinner in a nice restaurant, from left to right: Ineke van der Molen, Betty Prins, Wilma Malenstein, Will Vidinic, Karin Siemes and Judith Ebbelaar.

At the end we closed this door, hoping to come back one day.
More to come fellowquilters, stay tuned!

14 commentaires:

Ineke M a dit…

wat was het heerlijk en wat hebben we plezier gehad!
Oer Zeur, ben je al weer een beetje gewend om samen met je meikever te zijn ipv met de zeuren?

Lori a dit…

Looks like a fantastic place! The quilts are pretty amazing too! Lovley photo of you ladies.

Judith a dit…

It was a wonderful week! Let's re-open that front door!

Nifty Quilts a dit…

It looks like the perfect getaway. The group quilt is beautiful!

betty prins a dit…

I was a really perfect week, together we had so much fun, and of corse there will be an other week, somewhere next year..

trudy wassink a dit…

Leuk om te zien en te lezen, de pret spettert eraf

Quiltlia a dit…

Wat hebben jullie het leuk gehad ,de gezelligheid en sfeer komt via de foto's en verhalen heerlijk naar ons toe zodat wij ook lekker mee kunnen genieten.
Veel groetjes Lia

marcella a dit…

jullie hebben en TOP week gehad. Mooie quilt, dat zeur-project!

Jenny M a dit…

A week in the country sounds lovely, but a week in the French countryside sounds divine and sewing too, how wonderful!
Thank you for sharing the photos of such beautiful work.

Rebecca in AK a dit…

It looks like your week was filled with lovely people and lovely quilts!

NADINE a dit…

"Les sœurs" - "De zeuren" is such a fantastic quilt, and the place where you sewed together is so beautiful ! :))
As I told Juud, this morning, I'm gonna "zeuren", as well... I certainly didn't need another new project on my working table, but I just can't resist. Anyway, this will be a lovely in-between project.

THANKS for this post, and for the inspiration you always give us :))


pandchintz a dit…

That looks like such a fun time! Love the projects that were being worked on.

Phyllis a dit…

I am going to resist the Zeuren, but it is a beautiful pattern and quilt!

Willy a dit…

Hej Will, wat een heerlijke week hebben jullie gehad. Mooie verslagen ervan. Lieve groet,