vendredi 16 mai 2014

This is a cry for help....

This is a Marcus fabric , Judie Rothermel , collection PARTY OF TWELVE number 393.
The fabric as shown looks a bit wrinkled , sorry, the color is a light purple.
I hope there is anyone who can help me with a piece of 7 inch by 44 inch , roughly 20 cm ,
I used it for the sashings and outer borde for my nearly insane .
I knew from the beginning that it was risky , but i loved this fabric so much...
I can pay for it, of course, or trade with something french or whatever you want, no trouble.
The first picture is from a little border , probably 19th century , very sweet.
I had to do a boring thing in the 11th of Paris, just behind ALIGRE Market , with a brocante section.
The amount is small , just for two little borders.
As soon as DH is available for a little help i will picture NI and post it.
Have a very good weekend , Paris will be under the sun.....

5 commentaires:

Françoise a dit…

So sorry! Heb die stof niet, komt me zelfs niet bekend voor in de aard van 'tiens, dat heb ik ergens gezien'. Het spijt me. En dan zeggen ze dat quilters een saai ipv spannend leven hebben!

Helene Juul a dit…

Hi Will, I think I have this fabric in my shop:
We can swap something if you want.

Jill a dit… has this fabric in stock $5.00/yd (U.S.)not sure how much international shipping would be. You can contact them if you go to there site.
I hope this helps.

Bed, breakfast en quilts a dit…

Ik heb wel een stukje voor je, vanuit NL gemakkelijker dan uit de US.

Jenny Bear a dit…

Will, I reckon you could get this direct from Judie at the Schoolhouse Quilt Shoppe if you write to them. Contact details will be on the website.