samedi 17 mai 2014


Thank for all the kind answers after my request, the solution has been
 found and i also had  reactions on my FB account.

So Françoise , you're right , never a dull moment among quilters!

Helene Juul in Denmark , good to know you have a shop , i will bear this in mind.

Jill , thank you for mentioning Whittlesfabrics , they really have awesome deals for repro fabriclovers , but i'm not sure they will ship to Europe , will find out soon...

Karin , je bent een schat, hoop je toch een keer te ontmoeten daar aan de waterkant.... wie weet...LOL

Jenny Brear , i tried to contact Schoolhouse , but they seem to move to another location , and also are attending several quiltgatherings.

I had this kind of problems before and always found re replacement in the boxes Under the bed , but this time it's about sashings and outer border.
You've made my day and more of that.....

Will V in Paris

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Jenny Bear a dit…

Hi Will

This link works for me:

Best wishes