samedi 30 juin 2012

Things did not go

as i wanted this week:
i wanted to paint, at least the ceiling before going to the coast, but i woke up one morning with a horrible backpain.
Thought ok, who cares, i'll wait a couple of days.
Then i discovered something really nasty: damp and dirt on a wall of the wardrobe and lots of garments had to be washed.
The damage is not in our appartment but in the building next door, what makes things even more complicated.
Also a lot of paperwork ahead, what i hate more than anything else.
I've spend 3 days one washing and sorting out, the smelly odour has nearly gone  and as we go by the end of the week we leave things behind for a while.
The big white box contains the coats , intended for movings, a great solution for a couple of weeks.

The little quilt is made from leftovers of a big top, plaids and stripes from workingmen's shirts , soft feeling, but sturdy in the same time.
The leftovers where hidden in a little plastic bag and i sead oh, remnants, better throw it away.
But then i saw the little star, and see, 2 hours later: a little simple , unpretentious dollbed quilt.
The misery in the wardrobe also showed the battingremnants, and i sawed it together in  a big batting for a bedquilt, waste not want not.
It measures 19.5 by 21 inches.
Have a great weekend you all quilters of the whole world and remember: quilting keeps our minds together....
Hope also that you enjoy the pic of the other dutch quilt, the one from Pennsylvania, finished and quilted.
Will in sunny Paris

10 commentaires:

audrey a dit…

the dutch quilt is fabulous! love it!! and your little doll quilt is very sweet. good job with the leftover pieces!

Randy D. a dit…

How unfortunate that you had a problem with leaking from a neighboring apartment. But it sounds like you sorted through it and made an adorable little doll quilt. Your quilts are always so inspiring!

Nifty Quilts a dit…

Beautiful little scrap quilt! It is good that you didn't throw out those scraps.

betty prins a dit…

Het kleine quiltje is echt leuk geworden en dat van de 'leftovers'..
Maar nog steeds valt mijn mond open van de 'dutch quilt', wat prachtig!

Meredith a dit…

Sorry about the neighbors. The left over wuilt is great and yes we do love the Dutch Quilt. I agree quilting does keep our minds together. Great words!!

claire witherspoon a dit…

I am soooo impressed you have finished quilting that quilt. It is so beautiful! I still think I've seen a picture of it's grandmother somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it. cheers, Claire W.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh how I would so enjoy one of your beautiful creations! Each one is wonderful!
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Viviane Rellui a dit…

wonderfull creation !

MulticoloredPieces a dit…

Hi, Will. Of course, the big quilt is simply beautiful, so pleasing in an old-fashioned way. My favorite though is the small piece--there's a bit of the unexpected in it. So cool!
best, nadia

GARIGO a dit…

Le hollandais est superbe mais le petit quilt est lui, tout mignon!