mardi 19 juin 2012

the last get-together

before summertime:
We were in the garden of Dominique, the embroiderer among us who happens also to be  a cuisinière extra ordinaire, she spoiled us with chicken in lemonsauce and aubergine au four, girls i tell you, back at home in the evening, a cup of tea was enough for me...
Not forgetting the Tariquet and rosé.
The serial knitter-quilter- crocheter made a mouthwatering cheesecake with strawberry topping.

The wheather was chilly, we ate outside, under a few raindrops and well covered.

I know, i live here for soooooooo long, and allthough i pass by the rue St.Honoré so often, i had never mentioned this nice building with the cast-iron bow windows, i i imagine sitting there and quilt or sew and watch the world go by.....

These little sweeties made music on the steps of the St.Roch's church, rue St.Honoré too.
They danced and sung and peoeple stopped and filmed.

This is a new kid on the block: a little compact BERNINA 125,just plain cute and it sews smoothly and not noisy at all.
I'm looking for more presser foots and accessories, the machine came with just one and no toolbox.
The featherweight will stay my all-time favorite, because of the light weight but the ELNA grasshopper does a very good job too, but heavier to transport.

I made a little dollquilt from Dutch fabric, to escape from the other dutch quilt, ready now, exept a small piece of the binding.

Found in the street: an abandoned window.
Clever girls never leave home with a Leatherman tool, it allowed me to unscrew this beautiful iron element with the copper detail.
Its a sort of greek mermaid and i had to remove at least 8 layers of paint but it was worth the work a thousend times.....
Not sure when i will be back here, i will start painting the main room quickly.
Take care and happy quilting, i love you all.

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Randy D. a dit…

Bonjour Will. Your time away with the ladies looks lovely. Where were you? And of course all your quilts are fabulous. Love the little doll quilt. And the new old is that little one? I hope all is well in your world. Miss seeing you.

Lynn Dykstra a dit…

I love the latch
The little quilt is sweet

cc a dit…

I am fortunate to find your blog. I love the get-together and lovely lunch. My grandson is in Paris on a mission for our church. He comes home in October. It makes me happy to find you are there also. I also love the building with the corner windows. I have an Elna and we cannot find parts for it. So now it only has a straight stitch, but a perfect one for quilts. I like the grasshopper you show in the picture. Best regards from a fellow quilter in Oregon USA. Charlotte

Supergoof a dit…

Hoi Will, wat ziet een fw er toch schattig uit. Ik heb op die van mij, na de '1e les' nog niets gedaan. Heb een beetje boel koud watervrees,....
Groetjes uit een heel zonnig voormalig Zuiderzeestadje, waar op dit moment veel bootjes aan het aanleggen zijn.

quilting Jeannet a dit…

Heel veel plezier van je FW, zal ik je aan mijn FW lijstje toevoegen?

Anonyme a dit…

bean bags
Job well done with your quilt works. You've done a fabulous piece of art. Keep it up.