jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Back home

A few weeks ago a had a meeting with Randy D, my quilting friend from California. After  a lunch rue des Abbesses, we went to my home and pulled out the latest ufo's and fabrics. I adore this kind of reunions, i'm fascinated by other quilter's points of view on technics, whatever. Randy comes about twice a year to Paris with her husband,lucky Randy, wish i could go to the US only once more .....who knows,......... 
In the last period i made progress on  NEARLY INSANE .
I do the most intricated and tricky ones first, i tell you, one some ones i worked several days.
QuiltBook one helps me greatly to choose the fabrics.
All the blocks are shown in this book.
While in the Netherlands after the sudden death of my beloved sister, i digged into family history with her daughters, finding 2 photo albums.The first is my great aunt Hendrina, her husband went to the US to found a family with better future, but he became so homesick that he returned back.
The second one was my grandma as a newly wed, she was the one who taught me sewing and knitting, she was adorable and always found time for me as we all lived in the same house.
She died when i was sixteen.
Thank you for  all the messages, on the blog or mail , letters and phonecalls.
We felt surrounded with love, her daughters gave her a beautiful funeral and promised us we haven't lost a home in Holland......
Take care you all, warm greeting from Will V

7 commentaires:

Aart a dit…

Fijn dat je weer veilig thuis bent in Parijs en dat je nog een thuis houdt in Nederland.
De roos staat nog steeds, dank je wel!

betty prins a dit…

Schitterende blokken van de NI, prachtige kleuren gebruik je ervoor, zou er bijna voor vallen nu mijn DJ bijna af is!

Randy D. a dit…

Will, Your blocks are wonderful. And the pictures of your auntie and grandma are absolutely beautiful. Were you able to get copies? I am so sorry about your sister's death. What a tough time for our family. Much love coming your way!

antique quilter a dit…

Will your blocks are just beautiful
don't you love those books Quilt blocks 1,2 and 3?
they are some of my favorite books to just sit and look at .
So nice that you found these pictures so many wonderful memories I am sure.

Taryn a dit…

I love your fabric and colors in your nearly insane blocks! Those old family photos are such a treasure. I love the story about the uncle who emigrated only to get homesick and return. I am sorry about your sister. Losing a sibling is hard. It means you've lost someone who truly knows the "real" you.

manuela a dit…

Oh will, je suis peinée pour toi! Quelques jours avant, tu n'avais pas l'air préoccupée, cela a dû être très brutal.
Je t'embrasse.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder a dit…

Beste Wil,

Via Willy van De tante van Tjorven's blog, kom ik hier terecht. Het verlies van je bijzondere zus was wel triest en zo onverwacht. Het is jámmer, zij had zo'n enorme passie voor mooi handwerk en kant.
Sterkte nog en een lieve groet,