jeudi 24 février 2011


Carol and Michèle from QUILTMANIA eating her dessert: 4 hectic days and always smiling, real troopers and preparing POUR L'AMOUR DU FIL in Nantes as a next challenge.
The basketquilt in PP's booth is from Gerda, ( kijk daar is- her blog  good job Gerda, what a lovely eyecatcher. 
what a difference with last year, when the freezing blizzard blowed us over the place before the LA VILLETTE hall, sunny wheather and a pleasure to be outside , quiing up and recognize familiar faces, people in a good mood and happy to be there.
I should have adapted my clothes: i suffered from the heath this time. Right after the entry was the SELVEDGE booth: friendly girls from the UK selling back issues from the magazines and the stunning scarves from SOPHIE DIGARD, made in Madagascar.
I know i can never afford to buy one, and making one myself would just take for ages, but soooooooooolovely to see...
My old quilting buddy and partner in crime Joelle, and Valerie in Joe and Mary Koval's booth.
They brought antique quilts , tops and fat quarters from Mary's latest fabric line for Windham's.

You've recognised Petra Prins didn't you?
She's showing her sweet little woolen bookcover.
Luce Smits is a knitter: her creations a modern and without fussy details, she wrote bokks with patterns , DDlearned knitting with her first book.
Ever met the crew fromLA FEE PIROUETTE?
Nathalie creates embroidered quilts, they are in the mayor craftshows, Nathlie's shop is in the Alsace.
Joelle de Bailliencourt, Christine Meynier and Diane de Obaldia, we worked together in LE ROUVRAY, Diane was my boss for long years
We hardly meet each other now, t was good to see them.
FACILE CECILE, her blog is world famous, she also will go to Nantes. The exhibition this year inside the show was about lace.I'm not mad about lace and didn't take pics, most of the items could not be pictured. Stunning was, how much material was available for lacemakers and the modern twist in contemporary works.
With the help of friends i made pics from my latest tops, and i have also brocante finds to show, i will be back soon, take care,
Will V in Paris

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Clare a dit…

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

I never knew you worked at Le Rouvray.