vendredi 25 février 2011

hexies, ready for quilting

Nicole, who helped me tremendously with beiges and pinks , is holding the finished top.
I worked more than 3 years , the center was lost for several month, i started a new one, found the fist center again and went on with the first when i found it back.
The red background was bought at Joann's in Houston with a huge discount, so i bought ten yards.
Roughly a yard and a half are left over, as i appliquéd a border from the same fabric.
The paper hexagons mesure half an inch, and were baught from in bulk, that means 1700 pieces if i remember well...
So accurate those pieces that i consider too boring to make them myself.
I used them again and again, and hardly a few were thrown away.
The border from the original antique quilt was quite different as you see on the pic, but i don't like the sharp points, so opted for the more discrete small red border.
I've ordered a dark brown backing with oak leaves, and i'm waiting anxiously to start the quilting.
There will be no batting, i want the quilt to stay flat.
Only the red fabric will be quilted .
What more can i say?
These three years brought joy and scary moments and i recognise them in the flowers.
Last but not least, i thank Annemarie, Nicole and Joelle for their help by giving me small pieces of fabric, which helped greatly to get an endless variety.
I had all sorts of encouragement from many people,also non quilters.
I count my blessings for knowing them.
A bit of street art,modern poetry i saw this morning passage des Abbesses.
Will try to show you more of the kind. Have all a happy weekend, and thank you for passing by .
Will V in Paris
On the last pic you see how the border is fixed, time consuming but easy peasy, the paperpieces were pulled out in the very last moment. 

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marijke's crea a dit…

Mooi geworden!
groetjes Marijke

Elly (creatieveling Elly) a dit…

Prachtig geworden. Mooie kleuren.
groetjes Elly

susi a dit…

oh,what a wonderful work!!!happy quilting,susi

Supergoof a dit…

Hoi Will helemaal in Parijs, wat is je hexjesquilt een PLAATJE!

Mieneke Manschot a dit…

Wow, wat een beautie!
Top hoor!


HexaBee a dit…

Hoi Will,
Wow, geweldig, heel veel succes én plezier met het quilten!


Broderie and The Kingston Girls a dit…

so wonderful, congratulations! love the red background, well done to you.

Ronnie a dit…


AdyQuilts a dit…

Sorry, that was me in the comment above. Wj=hat a marvelous quilt -well worth three years of labor.

Karen a dit…

Oh my. What a wonderful hexagon quilt. But 17,000 pieces. That is a lot of work. Thank you for sharing all the information about your quilt.

Meredith a dit…

Lovely have fun with the quilting. Thanks for giving us all the details on your quilt.

Libby a dit…

An absolute beauty! You encourage me to carry on as I am getting dangerously close to completing my hexagon top.

Lori a dit…

Congratulations! It is beautiful and worth three years of stitching!

Una a dit…

Congratulations, Will!! Oh, how pretty it is. It has been a privilege to follow its history:) Eagerly looking forward to seeing the backing and your quilting... U

Kathie a dit…

just beautiful!`
oh my amazing, I am sitting here just staring at this quilt
thank you for sharing it with us
you did a wonderful job with this quilt it will be an heirloom for sure.

RETRO-fabulous a dit…

What a fantastic quilt! Your hexies are wonderful. I adore the background color. JoAnns coupons are the best, aren't they?

Some day I hope to finish my hexagon project...I can't tell you how long it's been in the works. =)

Karen a dit…

Beautiful!!! A treasure for sure! I have been cutting out my own paper templates from card stock paper, but have yet to reuse them and cut new ones instead. I was thinking, maybe they were to soft to reuse, but it worked beautifully for you. Maybe I will try reusing some and see.

Anonyme a dit…

Fabulous ! What a beauty !!!

Tiziana a dit…

A truly masterpiece. I'm so happy to see this beauty completed!!!
have a wonderful quilting!!


Eh ! Bien Will, je te souhaite beaucoup de courage pour le quilting !

lia a dit…

Ik ben er helemaal stil van wat prachtig,mijn hexagon-quilt ligt even stil maar ga er snel weer aan verder werken.
Groetjes Lia

Janet a dit…

WHat alot of patience you have- very nice!

Tonya Ricucci a dit…

oh my. truly beautiful!!! half an inch? truly crazy too! Congrats!

NOSLACK a dit…

prachtig Wil, echt mooi!

Lucy a dit…

sorry, Ik plaatste mijn comment onder mijn DH's account Ik ben het Lucy