mercredi 3 mars 2010

After a long wintersleep.........;

This quilt came home yesterday.
My quilts are sometimes adopted for a while by fellow quilters or just quiltlovers, but this one stayed for a couple of years in a french quiltshop in Bry sur Marne, at Patricia's FIL A LA PAT, as a support for selling her paperpiecing sheets.
All hand made, english paper piecing method, for a double bed.
Inspired by an antique dutch quilt, as the one i showed a while ago, and i started the same one with a red background, and smaller pieces.
The thing i love in paperpiecing is, that i can take it with me everywhere, while travelling or waiting for boring appointments, just have to carry a small box with me.

Claude L, a long time quilt relation gave me a bunch of remnants from one of her projects,
and i could make the amount of blocks for a single bed quilt.
Thank you Claude, all the string blocks were made with your little stash without losing a tread!
The intermediate four-patches came from my own stash, the turqoise fabric is an African batik.
I've put freezer paper on the bach of the string blocks, for easy proper sewing.

A recent junkshop trophee:
Vintage flowerpots and nasty olé olé angels.
The background is an utterly ugly kind of salmon pink, but i'm sure it is the good stuff for a fun quilt, yeah!

And here are the goodies Patricia gave me for using the hexagon quilt.
Thank you Patricia, it fits in perfectly with the kind of fabric i bought the last few months...........

I've been silent and lazy this winter: just reading blogs, and hardly sewing.
Winter was cold , dark and very long in my mind, but with the growing days and sunlight coming back i hope for more energy. I will be back very soon with my coming out as a shoe hoarder, i made pics of all of my shoes until my very first pair as a baby in 1946, i'm a real baby boomer!
My DS stayed with us for a week, and she took home 5 pairs, we have the same size and we LOVE good brands!
Do i share this dark side with other people??????????
Will V in Paris, take care you all!

15 commentaires:

susi a dit…

what a wonderful bright hexagon quilt,i am lookinf forwad to your next one,susi a dit…

I really like your hexagon quilt, and I love doing it myself. I'l come back to you.

Randy D. a dit…

Will, Your quilt is beautiful! You do absolutely amazing work!!

dragonfly gypsy a dit…

Hi, Just discovered your blog. Really love it and your sewing box. Well done!!! Feel like going to France again. Cheers Sharron

Miriam a dit…

I love that hexagon quilt! Magnificent!

Karen a dit…

I like what you are working on and the hexagon quilt is beautiful! Love the way you quilted it.

willy a dit…

Hoi Will, fijn om weer wat van je te horen. Ik was benieuwd hoe het met je is. Gelukkig ontwaak je uit je winterslaap en kom je weer opgang.
Prachtig is de hexagonquilt. De simpelste patronen zijn vaak het mooist. Ik ben onlangs naar een lezing van An Moonen geweest en zij had ook quilts met eenvoudige patronen bij zich en allemaal even mooi.

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful, beautiful hexagon quilt !

Janet a dit…

The hexagon quilt is gorgeous and I bet the one with a red background is stunning too.

Rose Marie a dit…

Lovely, lovely hexagon quilt and your hand quilting!

em's scrapbag a dit…

The hexagon quilt is amazing. It makes me want to start one. Like your little string and four patch quilt.

Una a dit…

Will! It was so nice to see you writing again:)) The hexagon quilt is amazing. I really like the quilting. And so nice to see the tackling of the border. Lovely. The "pink" fabrics is such a wonderful find! Glad to see the longer days are cheering your spirits too - it was a long and cold winter, but it's thankfully coming to an end;) Take care, u

Barb a dit…

wonderful hexagon quilt - really lovely!
your recent fabric find is wonderful!

BBB a dit…

Wow! That quilt is amazing!!!! I love it. You've inspired me!

Quilt Online a dit…

I like very much hexagons and I love that thing and you're my friend. This quilt is wonderful. congratulations to quilt