mercredi 13 janvier 2010

Goodmorning America, and hello to the rest of the world, no matter where you are, and also a very happy new year, with love, health, and energy for making beautiful quilts!
We went to Normandy for Christmas, to see the little princess Elisa, the wheather was still fine then, not to cold, but snow was already on the way, and only today it's less cold and even a glimpse of sun this afternoon.
We're no longer used to such hard winter conditions, but the snow gave us also some magic moments, even in town.
Do you remember Gérard, the joiner from la rue Véron?
He came to the New year's party with his friend Roberto, a very seductive Sicilian. Françoise dressed a lovely table and we had a wonderful night together!

I made a little quilt for ELLIOTT, born in December, hope you like it Elliott, and your parents too!
It's made with fabric from my stash, tried to make it not girlie, morely soft but not too pastel, knowing his mother likes bright colors..............

I digged in the UFO's and picked up these hexies, rather big ones, one side is 2 inches, so it's growing again.
I use decorator fabrics, some of the very sturdy, and i took pics from the toiles, some of them are very rare.

A good friend gave me the sewing box from her mom in law.
Some reparations were done by Gérard, and i covered the inner part with some dutch chintz, i'm really happy with the result.

A 2010 resolution is finishing this appliqué panel and improve in the same time my appliqué skills.
Not really my cup of tea, i admire quilters who finish big quilts of the Baltimore kind.

Aint sh cute?
She is the eyecatcher of a huswif i started ages ago.
Must be finished in 2010 too, sigh.........

I've been lost in reading blogs the last weeks, the cold made me appriciate more then ever the comfort of home.
One of the things i discovered, were blogs and video's about people who live in very tiny houses, some of them because they had to downsize for economical reasons, others want to save the planet.
We live in a little more than 500 square feet, that is 47 square meters, and that was quite a challenge when the 2 girls were young ,but somehow we just did it.
I just feel an incredible sense of luxury just knowing that i never had to deal with war, hunger, or the fear of not knowing where to sleep at night.
And, oh my, clean sheets on my bed WHENEVER I WANT!!!!!
So my question to you is:
What is the ultimate sense of luxury for you?
Will V in Paris.

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Taryn a dit…

What a feast for the eyes all your pictures are. The sewing box is a treasure. I share your enjoyment of small living spaces--less to clean and snug. My idea of luxury is hours to sew without interruption while watching/listening to a favorite movie playing on the computer or a book on my ipod. A glass of wine would not be refused. Second would be jumping into clean sheets with a good book.

soggybottomflats a dit…

I enjoy your blog and going thru all the pages. Your Christmas pics were so wonderful, thank you for sharing.

My idea of luxury...going glamping on the Texas coast, cooking funky foods over campfires, going to wine tastings and finally ending up at the Houston Quilt show! Wanna go?

I envy small spaces, especially the cottages. But since we have dogs, after the kids grew and left home, we need a little more room. Maybe someday I will again have a cottage, not in the near future.

Thank you for sharing your quilts. I love the colors and textures you have put in them. Your toiles are very cool, nothing like we have in the USA, at least not where I live.

Thank you again, and Happy New Year to you, Elaine

Brenda a dit…

Luxury - turning on a heater without worrying about the cost.

Clare a dit…

Wonderful wonderful fabrics and what a beautiful sewing box.

My idea of luxury? To be warm! Where is Spring?


La boîte à couture marquetée magnifiquement restaurée est superbe !
Le dernier luxe pour moi : un petit appartement douillet, avec la présence amoureuse de mon époux, mes livres,mes tissus et mes modestes collections ! En fait tout comme toi !
Chère Will, Bonne Année pleine de bonheurs !

The Scrappy Bee a dit…

I have lived in several homes, but never with more than 1000 square feet. My family and I felt we had plenty of space. I do feel that I cheated because I had a basement and used that space to sew in until by sons left home for school and then jobs. Yet, I have a friend who lives alone in the 4 bedroom home with at least 2500 square feet. I can't imagine why, but she feels it is important to her.
Your pictures are beautiful. Love the baby quilt and the toiles. The one I love the best is the housewife.
A luxury for me would be taking a vacation on Santorini.

Sharon a dit…

Luxury for me would be quilting whenever I want to, not just when I can find the time.
The sewing box is lovely. Have you tried the pattern on the top as a quilt block?

Karen a dit…

Happy New Year! I love the quilt for Elliott and the hexagons are heavenly. As is the sewing box.

Barb a dit…

wonderful post!
I love your hex quilt. I just finished mine and it makes me want to do another one - great fabrics.
What a wonderful sewing roll.
happy new year

shellysquilts a dit…

Your plaid quilt is fabulous and funky! I luv it. What a beautiful table! Looks like you have a great start on a wonderful new year. Luxury for me would be more sewing space. Happy quilting!

Kim a dit…

Beautiful!!! The sewing box is wonderful! LOVE the hexagon quilt! I plan to start one this year as well. All scrappy. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos!

willy a dit…

Hallo Will allereerst wil ik je een fijn creatief en gezond 2010 toewensen.
Prachtige quilt heb je voor Elliot gemaakt en verder ben je ook lekker bezig.
Mooie naaidoos, je hebt 'm mooi opgeknapt.
Groetjes Willy

Ann a dit…

How beautiful! Every picture is a treat. The sewing box... The delightful hexagons... the Christmas table... and the fragment of a strippy cushion on the bed. We also live in a small house, and we're very happy here. Happy New Year, Ann :)

McIrish Annie a dit…

Your sewing box is fabulous! I have a small house by American standards (1200 sq ft)but wouldn't mind going a bit smaller. I agree with you less space, less cleaning and more time to quilt!

i look forward to watching your progess on your 2010 projects!

Anonyme a dit…