mercredi 21 janvier 2009

Mosaic my way

As so many others, i made this top after having seen it in VINTAGE QUILTS, the Mc Calls's magazine. I had quite a stash of poison greens, shirtings ,turkey reds and chrome yellow. On the first picture you can see they are not all the same, but that doesn't bother me at all. The turkey red border has a black, rather big print. The blue fabric is the only one i bought for this top.
Just have to find time to hand quilt it!
Yesterday i spend most of the time watching TV, Who didn't anyway???
Thinking also about Rosa Parks, that young black girl in Little Rock going to College ,and the Obama's, just splended! I wish him all the best, and consider him also my President!
45 crumb diamond shaped blocks are ready since a few days, my inspiration was a quilt seen in and older QNM, some pics in a next post.
Happy quilting and greetings from Paris, Will V

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Annelies a dit…

Wat een gezellige blog om te bezoeken.
Ik kom zeker eens vaker kijken.

martine a dit…

Wind en regen in Parijs, hier niet anders.
Leuk een blog uit Parijs waar ik in het Nederlands op kan reageren.
Zal je aan mijn bloglijstje toevoegen.
Mooie quilt laat je zien.
Ben dol op scrapquilts.

Francisca R. a dit…

Weer een leuk blog aan m'n lijstje favorite's toegevoegd! Mooie scrapquilts...mmmmm....De prachtige foto's van Nederland had ik op Tonya's blog gezien, jammer voor je dat je quiltmaatje niet meer in Parijs is.
vrolijke groet,

Debby a dit…

Wat een leuk blog! Ben ook een fan van traditionele/ antieke quilts.
Groetjes Debby

Klazien a dit…

Dag, een vrolijke quilt,mmmm...práchtig! Nu lekker in Parijs een mooie achterkant kopen bij de winkeltje onder de SC? Jammer dat Parijs zo ver is...ik kan daar zo genieten! Je leuke blog zet ik op:

groeten van Klazien uit een winderig en nat nederland

Lazy Gal Tonya a dit…

beautiful quilt, Will. I admit I avoided watching the news/inauguration for the last few days. Change is coming though - hopefully all good!

quiltycat a dit…

Wonderful!The different fabrics take more interest in the quilt. Easy design for a great result!

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful quilts, Will. And lucky you - quilting in Montmartre sound so romantic!

Gillian a dit…

Welcome to blogland, Will. I look forward to following your blog. This quilt is lovely! The colours look very brave to me - they are an unexpected combination because I am not familiar with that style of quilt. Beautiful!

quiltmom a dit…

What a lovely mosaic quilt you have made- it is on my list to do. I remember seeing one on Lucy's blog and then trying to find the pattern here. I was fortunate to find it in a quilt store that had some back issues of the magazine.
I will look forward to seeing your lovely quilts. You can find me at
Happy quilting,

YankeeQuilter a dit…

I've had that quilt magazine on the top of my to-do list for what seems like ages! Your quilt top looks beautiful. So glad you started blogging!


Lucy a dit…

Ik vind hem erg mooi geworden! welkom in blogginworld Will!

Karen a dit…

Love this quilt! The fabric is wonderful. :)

Karene a dit…

Thank you for sharing... I look forward to seeing more of your work!