jeudi 15 janvier 2009

Antique Dutch Quilts in Leeuwarden

I spend 2 weeks in The Netherlands in December: a week with my sister Hanne and her family, ( she is a very talented quilter btw ) and afterwards a week at Joes' ( Dutch quilt cat blog) with

Tonya (Lazy gal ) . It happens that Joes owns the most extended quilt book library we have ever seen, so inspiration was everywhere! We had a trip to Leeuwarden up north in Friesland, passing by the dike between North Holland and Friesland, through the flat country to see the Quiltshow in L . A dazzling collection of antique Dutch quilts, garments, presented in a very seductive way.I bought the latest book of AN MOONEN, who is a well known textile and quilt historian. She published two other books about Duch quilts before and she has a website too, partly in English.

Tonya has also shown lovely photo's from Leeuwarden, look at the art-deco phamacy! More about my stay in Holland next time, greeting from Paris, bright light today but chilly and windy! Will V

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anne-marie L a dit…

Salut Will
Je m'appelle anne-marie .
I'm very happy to see your blog. It is the first time where I see the second quilt . Il's very beautifull as I like .
We are seven women who like the patchwork. And at each meeting Will comes with new quilts always beautifull. It is a "source d'inspiration" for me. Thank you Will for that and for your kindness