jeudi 2 octobre 2014

A day trip to Tilburg

for a visit to the museum DE PONT for modern art.
I hardly spend time on modern art and i'm very much turned to the past, but this was a great experience as i saw much through the eyes of my niece Judith, who is an artist herself. 
So we crossed the country with J and her DH Ko and my niece Mechteld joined us too.
The museum is perfect, the silence and the light, the space, everything.

Glasswalls that showed us thick or thin, like the mirrors from our childhood.....

One of my favorites, a metal curved , and very big sort of wall, it can show you upside down.

This was the object that impressed me most:
A Bill Viola video, with a strange sound track, made me think of Italian pre-Rafaëllite paintings.
Difficult to see but in the background people are moving in a door opening.

a glass scaffolding

Mechteld and Ko


And guess who has a very charming quiltshop only minutes away? Dorry!! from QUILT IT EN DOTTY!
And guess who is the neighbour who popped in to say hello?
SUPERGOOF, with her latest, just finished quilt!

But this is not the end: one minute away from the quiltshop is the TEXTILEMUSEUM, but there was no time left to take a look.
The Goirkestraat in Tilburg is THE place to be for artlovers and quilters, so gogogo if you have ab opportunity....
Take care friends!

4 commentaires:

antique quilter a dit…

thank you for taking us along with us to the art museum. I happen to like going to art museums I find you can always learn something that can relate back to being inspirational for quilting!
How nice you got to visit Dotty's shop, I enjoy her blog.

Evelyne42 a dit…

J'ai aussi un peu de mal avec l'art moderne qui ne m'apporte aucun émotion, je suis trop tournée vers le passé sans doute
Bonne continuation Willemke

marion a dit…

what a great place the pont, luckily we have lot of quiltstores in tilburg, places to be, musea, I love to live here.

apiecefullife a dit…

Who knows how I found my way here but I will have to mark the trail now. Lovely, interesting photos.