vendredi 28 juin 2013

Joes in Paris

Three whole days with Joes who came to Paris for a very special reason : the famous collection of JOKE VISSER, a dutch collector collector of historic embroideries. 
The exhibition is till the 5 of july in the BIBLIOTHEQUE FORNEY, in the heart of Paris.
If you are in town i can tell you only one thing: GO GO GO
I've been twice now and consider a third visit....
Sadly, fotos are not allowed, but a marvelous catalogue costs 25 euros, and worth every penny.

We had fun, and i was free as a bird, DH went to his hometown in Macedonia, good for both, LOL

Joes spoiled me with the latest fabric collection from Petra Prins, and believe me, i know what to do with it.

my latest junk find: a piece of chintz of the best kind, and the china sort of blue is very elegant

Some sewing-in-progress to prove i'm also working on quilts before i wish you a very happy weekend and a picture from a hanging garden rue des Abbesses in Montmartre, in front of my favorite little café, LE CHINON.
Sitting here in nearly wintercloths, it's cold here and i just read on an Australian blog they have a very warm winter, strange planet we live on.....

5 commentaires:

Randy D. a dit…

Will, that exhibit looks wonderful. Wish I could go and join you girls! Have a wonderful time with Joes. Love to you all á Paris!

Annelies a dit…

It is cold in The Netherlands also. I have to wait a bit before I descend to the south.
I absolutely love the book of Joke Visser.

martine a dit…

Wat heb je weer een prachtige lap op de kop getikt.
Ben benieuwd waar je hem voor gaat gebruiken.

Kathie a dit…

what fun isn't it nice to have someone to talk quilts , textiles, etc with for 3 whole days!
love your new fabrics, wish I could be there too!
ps did you get my email?

GARIGO a dit…

Waouh! un bain de patchs...quel bonheur!