dimanche 29 avril 2012

More Nantes

Love at first sight with the Austr alian quilts from Brigitte Giblin and Cathy Doughty, vivid sparkling colors, the overall look is modern, but yet so traditionnal.
Brigitte mixes American fabrics with antique French fabrics, both blending in in a harmonious way.
I hope we will meet them again in Europe, blogs are filled up with comments and both speak very good French.
Brigitte showed us with much patience her way of basting hexagons, i'm trying to get familiar with it.

Three quilts from Cathy Doughty

In the evening i accompanied Joes and Isabeau and some other friends to the BRASSERIE LA CIGALE, with an authentic Jugendstil tile decor, overwhelming and very friendly service.
Whenever you plan to go there, make a reservation, many people were refused, totally crowded.
Unfortunately i could stay only one hour with them, i had to catch the train back home.

This is what i carried home: some fabric, two books and two embroidered squares from the Afghan ladies.
I was tempted by many other things, but one has to make choices...
From a windy Paris, Will V

6 commentaires:

David a dit…

I, too, have loved the Australian quilts. I haven't seen Brigitte's way for basting the hexagons. Is it explained in her book ? thanks... La Cigale's decor is really amazing! I have been impressed too!

Annelies a dit…

I have just bought Brigit's book. Soo wonderful !!!

Randy D. a dit…

Bonjour Will. Your pictures are very inspiring. So glad you had a good time in Nantes. And the restaurant looks amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had an uneventful trip back to Paris.

Phyllis a dit…

Thanks for sharing so many pictures. Great for us who were not there.

LuAnn a dit…

The photos are wonderful; I love Brigit's quilts. I love the Australian quilts because the medallion quilts really appeal to me. I love seeing Dancing Dollies in brighter fabrics. Beautiful photos from the show.

KarenQuilt a dit…

I really enjoyed your photos of Kathy Daughty's quilts as well as the photos of the Jugendstil tile decor!!!