dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Ste Marie aux Mines

Hourray for fast trains: Paris Strassburg is hardly 2 and a half ours away, then a reginal train to Selestat and a bus to Ste M.
Gorgeous wheather, and ten minutes later Joes and Isabeau appeared after a much longer  trip from Amsterdam.
Our hideaway is in the mountains, far from the madding crowd and one could imagine that the only important thing is silence and nature and good food in the evening with some wine and quilttalk...
Petra, Nel, Renée and Marie Claude came back at the end of the day showing us a stunning quilttop.
This is 1860 don't you think?
The old lady is worn out, but still so breathtaking, wish i could copy this, but it' really challenging.
Blogger does not allow me to set up more pics today, So i'll try later
, promised, i took a lot more pics.
Wish you all a quiet end of this day, wheather is beautiful here,autumn light and warm as in summer.
Take care, Will V in Paris

7 commentaires:

Janet a dit…

That quilt top looks amazing!! I look forward to seeing more pictures.

Annelies a dit…

A beautiful quilt and a lot of familiar faces !

Una a dit…

Will, what a beautiful quilt! Whom does it belong to? And what does your friend to the right who is pointing upwards hold under her arm? Will wait eagerly for a more cooperative Blogger;) Looks like you all had a lovely time! Take care:)

Randy D. a dit…

So sorry I wasn't there. That quilt is beautiful! If anyone can copy it, that would be YOU, Will. I hope the weather continues to be nice as we will be there in only 2 weeks!

Kathie a dit…

this quilt is AMAZING!!!! it is beautiful.
I can't wait to hear more and yes look forward to more pictures

not so zen -quilts in Paris a dit…

Hi Una, Renee is holding another top, brown an muslin, less spectacular , no picture. Randy, enjoy Wisconsin and safe trip to Paris

Lucy a dit…

what a treasure, what a beauty Will!