dimanche 9 mai 2010

Léa Stansal in Nantes, more antique quilts and Sue Spargo

Lea Stansal has a very personal approach of a combination between quilting and ribbon embroidery.
She is the author of three book and i'm sure she is secretly working on a new one.
Her skills of embroidery is incredible and her classes are always fully booked and there is a waiting list.
Lea travels whenever she can , went sevaral times to Istanbul and the US.
She found it difficult to be a teenager:very early she was attraced by fashion, politics, filosophy and decorative arts.
She tells in her first book: i went with my father to one of his wholesalers and asked for a brown woolen fabric...........
" But that's not fancy for a young lady" the two guys said .She insisted and went home with her dark brown woolen.
A few days later the wholesaler called her dad saying she was a real trendsetter, all of a sudden browns
were much sought after, could she read in a crystal ball?
"My family insisted to marry me" she tells.
Finally she enters a graphic school and then meets her husband , the painterPierre Desson.

LE MONDE DE LEA is her first book, and also the one i prefer.

The next four antique quilts are from the QUILTMANIA collection

Sue Spargo was able to come to Nantes personnally: one of her book came out in french, with nice photos of her personal world.
I love the fabric choice: woolens, and the bright colors.

This one lay on the ground, like a floorcloth.

The pics are over exposed, too much light came in from the high windows.
Soon more!

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Janet a dit…

What lovely things on your blog today. The embroidery pieces are gorgeous and I loved seeing the quilts from Quiltmania, they are stunning. I love Sue Spargo's work but haven't tried any.

Barb a dit…

How nice that Sue Spargo is there. she is a such a nice and sharing lady.
The quilts are beautiful! I love the star with the zig-zag on the beige background - love it!!
Thanks for the wonderful quilty post

Art4Sol a dit…

Both do stunning work....I can't see enough of it!

Anonyme a dit…


Ludok a dit…

Очень интересный post, а квилты - ну очень красивые!

Anonyme a dit…


Karen a dit…

The house your friend is using for her knitting is wonderful! What a good idea.